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Of hong kong is told the bbc she cannot guarantee that freedom of speech for predict those call for independence time on this the chief executiveelect of the former british colony which is about to mark twenty years since its handover to china in 2014 massive democracy protests paralyzed the city summit to this now begun to call for independence from china ms lam till the bbc that the government would abide by the rule of a law that cannot promise that those and call for independence would not face prosecution i think hong kong as an inseparable part of the people's republic china and everybody could have you or whether that expressing a view constitutes an offence the calling for independence has to put also the contest on what their losses as well i can promise of people hong kong that we will abide by the rule of law in hong kong bbc news special election is underway in the us state of georgia democrat sam republicans have poured money into campaign advertising in the contest for the sixth congressional district and traditionally republican area is being seen as a test of the party's strength under the trump administration and an indication of whether it can keep its majority in the house of representatives at next year's midterm election thirteen south sudanese soldiers have appeared as a military a court in juba to deny charges of killing a journalist and raping five foreign aid workers there last july the transition seen as a test the south sudanese government's ability to tackle sexual violence which has been widespread in the country the ukrainian president petru punish shankar has said he had a detailed meeting with donald trump at the white house and that the us had given strong backing to ukraine's territorial integrity in a brief statement mr trump said only that the pair had discussed support for the peaceful resolution to the conflict in ukraine thousands of tamils in sheep have been reunited with their owners cincotta off tipping stranded.

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