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A happy Friday night to you as we head into Hanukkah weekend. We are going to start to see a little bit of lowland snow, not in the short term quite yet just a little bit of fog overnight if you're at it holiday parties and you see some of that Merck count on the fact that it will also be slippery in many cases especially the bridges and the overpasses had a lot of issues with black ice last night, more of the same for the night at hand. As we head into Saturday already some drizzle or even some sleep, but it's Sunday Night into Monday where this first round of lowland snow comes in, looks like it's going to focus on both the foothills, hood canal, and the kings to home ish county line. In the combo four weather center, I meteorologist Shannon O'Donnell. 35° in downtown Seattle and at sea tac airport disgraced FTX cofounder Sam bankman freed faces a litany of charges tied to the collapse of his cryptocurrency exchange. And now we're learning much of the money he took from contributors actually ended up in some political contributions some in Washington state here's carlene Johnson. Before his arrest this week, 30 year old former billionaire Sam bankman freed till Good Morning America, he is ready to face whatever consequences come. Look, I should have been on top of this. And I feel really, really bad and rightful that I wasn't. And a lot of people got hurt. And that's on me. Bankman fried is one of the largest political donors in American politics, and he's accused of violating campaign finance laws as part of a scheme to illegally funnel millions of dollars to candidates and political action groups virtually all supporting Democrats and their causes. U.S. senator patty Murray representative Kim schreier and the Washington state Democratic Party received donations from FTX, Murray told the Seattle times

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