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Just because he was eliminating. You know kind of all the. The at the time the the foods that he believed were injuring the endothelial cells, and then just because this is such a heavy. Fruit and vegetable based Diet. And obviously green leafy he was able to. Basically you know, metabolize away the platform nations, and then you know restore the body's ability to produce nitric oxide I mean yeah, look, you can't argue with data. Obviously, there's data are open to different interpretations, but the date or the date, and the fact that you can reverse heart disease with this is very profound, so what I like to do is I'd like to start with things work. And then work backwards and figure out the mechanism. Tweak and make it actually better. I think that's why basic science today in today's culture and academia doesn't work because people try to find their favorite protein or favor, molecules favored enzyme and make it fit into biological physiological system. Yeah, and it's like putting a square peg in a round hole, but I think if you start with what works and work backwards. I think cancer your question. There are number of things that are happening there, too, but one when you eat a plant based Diet..

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