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Bayer Sager has written more than four hundred songs, including the Oscar winning Arthur's theme from Arthur. Bayer Sager and her former husband Burt back teamed up to write hits like Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald's on my own. And that's what friends are for Michael Jackson Aretha Franklin. Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra Barbra, Streisand Ray, Charles and Bette midler have all recorded songs written by. Bayer sager. A new deal has been signed between the US and South Korea over military cooperation AP's Charles day with desma reports it increases souls of financial contribution for the deployment of American troops in the country elegance from the two countries last month agreed on Seoul paying around nine hundred and twenty four million dollars in two thousand nine hundred for the US military presence up from eight hundred thirty million last year. So foreign ministry says the deal is expected to provide a stable environment. Full the American troop deployment and help strengthen the alliance between the two countries the deal signing came days after the two countries eliminated. The huge springtime military drills replacing them with a small training operation tobacco diplomatic efforts to strip North Korea of its nuclear weapons. I'm Charles de LA desma. Italy's coalition government is fraying over the stalled high speed rail lines of France while the fall right Ponti va league insists it. Go ahead. The other ruling party the five star movement is refusing to fund the next phase until the whole deal is renegotiated the parties have been as so for the project a nearly sixty kilometer tunnel link between Italy and France the league backs the project is an infrastructure improvement, so plants northern entrepreneurial base, the flagstones are ideologically opposed and say the money could be better spent elsewhere. Early campaign rallies for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. I'm Tim Maguire with an AP news minute to candidates for the democratic party's presidential nomination. Hold rallies this evening for not Vermont, independent Senator Bernie Sanders talks about people calling him too radical guaranteeing healthcare to all as a right, not a privilege..

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