Los Angeles, Adam West, Burt Ward discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Show in the world is going up for auction in Los Angeles the owner is not going to split up the costumes don't even try besides the price tag for the costumes worn by actors Adam west and Burt ward are pricey estimates go as high as two hundred grand Batman's duds are unmistakable side table but I just look back so far wish to attract attention other Batman memorabilia includes a working back phone from the Batmobile all goals of the block next month Michael survey KFI news there's a crash on the ten in east LA it's on these grounds of the ten just pass city terrace Dr rep for the down motorcycle here emergency crews on the scene C. H. B. as all laying stop right now you're right bunching up from before State Street in our leaders up on some of the five half all sports car fire on the right shoulder fire crews are on the scene watch for those with you lose as you're moving through there in Westminster its construction on the southbound side of the four oh five Caltrans crews were from golden west you just pass beach Boulevard couple right lanes code off that's going to wrap up by five AM in Anaheim seven to the five you could see to be is on the scene with the runner break clear two car crash in the middle lane in the meantime the little bunch of as you come away from brokers KFI in the sky helps get you there faster cold and stormy your thanksgiving week forecast is next okay seriously land on land okay the judge can turn quick on the water progressives boat insurance has you covered with signed in blood on water towing get a quote today in as little as three minutes a progressive dot com I guess say this land how thing not very effective progressive casualty insurance company affiliates of the coverages of the policy terms when you meet a veteran your meeting is zero when you donate your car to the Purple Heart foundation you are a hero someone committed to seeing that our veterans get the benefits they've earned.

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