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The bedroom and that's it really that's just a picture of uh all of us that uh vernon well senior painting their vernon while senior doitforme everything else was in my office and unless you go downstairs split uh no i try to the you know keep my house as normal as possible um you know it it's it's a home it's not uh a museum i mean i want people to live in there which is a coup was piece of memorabilia you have uh i think the coolest things that i have is this stuff that the kids done for in school for me also nothing sportsrelated now just the the little little kids stuff uh the pottery with the handprint pays off like that uh i can't be your son looks exactly like you and of course a football he's lactose to yeah how good were you at football 'cause i know you son played football tarazona um i wish i had more footba first in baseball and we're you wide receiver at more yes woah how good where you uh like i said i had more offers the a football than baseball ohio state now oklahoma oh yeah but they didn't throw the football back then today uh the position switch for me oh if lodi on if all how stated off do you flute football scholarship i actually my brother went to a state he was there with uh uh vinnie clark in uh carlo snow in jeff graham and uh we'll see i think uh chris carter just graduated but chris was there a lot so uh you know i got a chance to go up there and watch uh the battle between uh.

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