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In the barns for weather center partly cloudy with highs upper sixties to the mid seventies this report is brought to you by the exigent Emeril scanner thermometer let's take a look at a wreck on the one oh five to be in Hawthorne one oh five west bend a prairie report of a crash in the two right now it was just the right lane but I guess they got rescue crews there the drive affected from about the one ten KFI this guy's sponsored by into returning superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Las spots a wreck on the tenth yeah we're watching a little drama played out here on the Santa Monica freeway just south of downtown it's east and diseases of the one ten just but has San Pedro street with that the two left lanes blocked his cars and drivers all over the place and what's in the fire department now LA city fire I'm sure they get it this bad but they get this batch in the wrong direction here they had to make a you turn there come a back east out there in the lane so they're approaching the crash right now maybe about a hundred yards away so B. as up every coming through that city was a fairly good drive although it's get real for what from on again the located here as he stand a little bit fast Sampedro couple lanes are blocked there might get worse Washington Boulevard by the way mid city all the way up this year's toto is looking real good injured in an accident visit superwoman support dot com Jafar KFI in the sky because the answer by all state KFI in the sky helps you get there faster I'm robin banks with an Allstate agent you get a local expert and help finding the best coverage for you and because they live in your community you can always count on them to be there when you need them most plus when you bundle home and auto you can say so call your local Allstate agent today are you in good hands okay family.

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