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Night The investigation into the shooting continues no charges have been filed No trespassing signs are posted outside the home of Brian laundry's family They went up yesterday as media cruise continuous stake out of the property human remains found in Florida's Carlton nature reserve last week were possibly identified as laundry's police say they're still trying to determine if there's a link between laundry and the death of his fiance Gabby patito I salmonella outbreak blamed on bad salami has sickened nearly 20 people across 8 states The CDC is issued a food safety alert for Arial brand premium Italian style salami sticks they're carried at Trader Joe's but other grocery stores nearly half of those sickened by the snack are in California The stage is set for the World Series It'll be Atlanta taking on the Houston Astros after the braves punch their ticket to the series by beating the Dodgers last night four to two Game one of the fall classic gets underway Tuesday night I'm Scott Carr A meeting is now anticipated between America's second Catholic president Joe Biden and the leader of the world's 1.2 billion Roman Catholics Next week President Biden will meet with the Pope to discuss the climate change crisis ending the pandemic and caring for the poor That's a reporter Mark Peterson President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will have a private audience with the Pope next Friday at the Vatican that'll take place shortly before Biden attends the G 20 leaders summit in Rome The Biden administration's nominated former democratic senator in Indiana governor Joe Donnelly to serve as the U.S. ambassador to the Vatican It's a chance to serve our country You know and the president asked me if I would And when the president of the United States ask you you sir Well he has years of experience in politics Donnelly says he's never been to the Vatican never met the Pope and doesn't speak much Italian the Senate will now vote on Donnelly's appointment to the Holy See Schools all over New York City are facing safety issues Amid a rash of incidents involving guns and fights Gregory Floyd is the head of local two three 7 representing school safety agents The only barrel that has not reported the violence level of violence has been Manhattan But the school year is still young NYPD investigating 5 incident at the cardozo high school in Queens were outraged has led to an Instagram page documenting the violence at nearby Van Buren high school a loaded gun was found last week in The Bronx 6 weapons were found in two days at various schools Floyd says the city has failed to plan for the school year and there aren't enough safety agents Citywide 1400 of them were lost due to retirement the vaccine mandate and other factors Rideshare company lift now revealing nearly 4200 sexual assaults happened during rides It says those incidents happen between 2017 and 19 There were reports of 360 rapes ten died after being physically assaulted I'm Scott Carr And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg news room Treasury secretary Janet Yellen said she expects prices to remain high through the first half of 2022 But rejected criticism that the U.S. risks losing control of inflation Yellen said on CNN's State of the Union today that inflation is expected to ease in the second half as issues ranging from supply bottlenecks to tight U.S. labor market and other factors arising from the pandemic improve Jim Bianco president and founder of Bianca research worries that the fed will begin to raise interest rates to head off inflation That is something we haven't seen in over a generation in the market And if it happens if that's indeed what we're going down that's not a good scenario Investors are watching for the latest report on economic growth in the week ahead we get more about that from Bloomberg's Karen Moscow The report Thursday may show U.S. gross domestic products slowed in the third quarter largely driven by the delta variant and supply chain constraints GDP is forecast to have grown at a 3% annualized rate in the July to September period less than half the 6.7% pay seen in the second quarter Tuesday we get a look at new home sales Wednesday durable goods orders companies from Apple to report quarterly results in the week ahead Karen Moscow Bloomberg radio New research finds more than 3 million Americans retired early because of the COVID-19 crisis More from Bloomberg's Charlie pellet That equals to more than half of the workers still missing in the labor force from pre-pandemic levels The estimate calculated by a St. Louis Federal Reserve economist suggests that the boom in early retirement shows no sign of abating back in April government surveys suggested that 2.7 million Americans aged 55 or older were contemplating retiring sooner than they had imagined Charlie pellet Bloomberg radio Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quick take powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries I'm Susanna 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