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It's incredibly difficult and challenging thing. It really truly is an and then to skip from cova to injury potential fifty. Six games as a tight schedule you. I'm going through that. North division and know to winnipeg opens on thursday and then when a plague plays five games in south of nights and the majority of the seven canadian play. I think four games in six nights depending on right outbreaks gone initially no preseason games a shortened training camp. This smells a lot like muscle polls growing strains like can't dry. I just just think of this. Like guys come in really good shape. They've had time to predict when the start was going to be. Nobody's been hit. Nobody's i'm telling you the difference between being in good shape and then when somebody is slowing you down or not letting you go where you wanna go the differences miles at takes time. That's all strain on your muscles as you're trying to allude innovate and then somebody's talking and near you know there's a growing there's a low back there's something something something and it doesn't even have to be anything major but as you out the schedule somebody pulls a groin in winnipeg second game. They're going to miss five games. Just the season's only seven. What seventeen weeks long. Yeah you know that that stuff is going to be so much unknown and is gonna so much determine I think what what is probably going to play itself out so as we're recording this year. We've just had the luxury of consuming. An incredibly long list of players placed on waivers. Like i mean. I didn't count l. Eighty eight eighty nine. Today is eighty nine n predictable. Yes because again to clarify to be placed on taxi squad. You i have to clear waivers and i look at at corey perry Because i i. I believe very would have known that the montreal canadians were very like big going to try and squeeze in through to their taxi squad. I would've been discussed before he accepts. His is one year seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar deal with apps. Maybe the same for mitra leak. But i don't know i mean.

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