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All about that let's start with the what i thought was for what i thought was the most amazing news of the week and that was the ron howard announcement that he has been brought in to finish shop the direction on the han solo's standalone movie in the star wars franchise this actually doesn't surprise me if only because it's been longrumored that kathleen kennedy and also lawrence kasdan road empire strikes back kathleen kennedy the president for against a lucasfilm portion of pictures now um they've been very difficult or demanding in terms of the amount of freedom they'll give a director for this new integration to stores movies what is surprising is that this han solo project was so far down the road now they've been shooting for six months yes and they do have they have a few weeks left i understand and then they've got already built into the schedule four or five weeks for a for reshoot s event something goes wrong the director wants to change something that may be the busiest reshoot that we ever see because i mean i mean just if you think of the the directors that were involved i don't remember a full of phil lord and chris miller who prot you things like the lego movie us twentyone jump street and twenty two jump street decent funny yes the in that vein just just going from that mentality to ron howard's mentality not that he can't be funny but the you can understand why they're going i mean that's us that's a huge creative jump between the philosophy of lord miller to ron howard and not only that it's been awhile since ron howard is done anything significant on the sifi front or i'll see the the fantasy front that we known for yeah you can go back to or whatever but that's not his bailiwick as they say it it would concern me only because this has been so far down the road in it makes it very difficult to switch up a creative vision and make it fit this late negate yeah and the question is do you if you're ron howard do you try to continue to channel phil lord and chris miller with a little bit of ron howard in it or do you completely takeover insee i'm ron.

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