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Taking cash gift cards and more from her co workers she now faces felony charges of theft fraud and forgery records show she told the state nursing board she blamed depression for what she did that. Board ordered her to undergo psychiatric evalu- Nations and get treatment but. They allowed her to keep. Her license and continue working as a nurse as long as she told her employers about her situation fuller still has her nursing license but she could have to give it up if she's convicted President Trump, planning to, invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to the White House this fall this comes in the wake of widespread criticism of how Trump handled himself during the, Helsinki summit ABC news chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran is, at the security forum and, Aspen Colorado or they got the news here at the Aspen. Security forum which brings national security experts from the Trump administration previous administrations the private sector people were. Just shocked by this, announcement and it shows, that President, Trump is determined here that the reshaping of US Russia relations bringing. America closer to the Kremlin is one, of his highest priorities and. He's got it on a fast. Track they've already changed the name on what used to be Bobby layman Chevrolet at Nakdimon Walberg leads, a group that purchased a dealership or of the Walker Chevrolet Walberg Chevrolet Columbus Ohio thirty nine hundred broad street and his name is already up on the, building there and the former airman whose radio. Show inspired Robin William's character in good morning Vietnam is dead at, seventy nine How's it going It's. Not a water. Buffalo jackknifed cone our died from aids related illness this week at a nursing home in Virginia Kern hours.

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