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The mother of slain team la- Sandro junior. Guzman Felice was face to face in court today with the suspects junior was dragged out of Bodega back in June beaten and stabbed to death in an apparent case of mistaken identity. One by one the suspects face the judge who approved the prosecutor's request for their DNA. It'll be compared to the evidence at the crime scene after most of the suspects had appeared. Parents in a crowd of supporters marched to that crime scene on Bathgate avenue. His mom Leandra Felise saying it's time to bring an end to gang violence in New York. Thank you so much for this to me in this case, I just need a Justice for my song juniors killers dragged and stabbed him on Bathgate avenue June twentieth. The suspects are members of the three gang which admitted juniors killing was a case of mistaken identity. Sonia Rincon ten ten wins at Bronx. Criminal court Suffolk County police say a barber shop in port. Jeff called the man cave was actually a drug, Dan. They say that in addition to cutting hair. There was a back room where they were cutting threaten Nolan cocaine three people arrested investigators say the drug operation brought in about fifty thousand dollars a month. The Trump administration plans to send hundreds of active duty troops to the southern border. The estimated eight hundred two thousand active duty troops would deploy to the border to help with logistics like building fences or putting up tents for border authorities. The service members would not be working in a law enforcement capacity or engaging with migrants Defense Secretary James Mattis would sign off on the order. There are already two thousand national guard troops at the border called up by southern governors. Correspondent Emily row. The Saudis are offering up yet another version of how Washington Post journalist Jamal kashogi died. Correspondent Ben Wedeman? We've heard in a statement from the Saudi attorney general via the Saudi Press Agency. That is an act of premeditated intention is interesting. The wording. They don't actually call it a murder that is get again. A different version of what happened in this constantly members.

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