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So it's football, food and gambling. That is what we've got coming on Sunday. Are you gambling on the game? Do you have a prop? Better, too, that you like? Are you playing the side of the game? The total First touchdown. If you're betting on downhill, ski racing better Mellors kid. Just telling you his son is ridiculously good. You've been skiing since what he's three. Has. Let's not give him a big head here, though. He's not Tom Brady just yet. He's closed. Got a long way to go. But he was he was the problem, Jeff, you know, you get guys like Captain. It's just gonna overrate people. Hey, let him just be able to just grow into it. He's phenomenal now. But you know what? Just give him a few more years, and he's gonna be one of the greatest. Yeah, he needs is given to him time. He needs to take Tom Brady's work ethic and continued day after day to get better. We can tell him he's the greatest already. Not gonna get any better plateau. Honey, When you're back in here, you've got to see the video. This kid looks like Franz Klammer name any of the great skiers. It's ridiculous. Huh? Yeah. Alex Miller put your tickets on him right now for the Olympics and about eight years and then he does become interested. And you go hard pass on Meller Young, the hardest guy. What happened? The Miller kid I was I bought a future sticking out him eight years ago. What happened so terrible? I don't know. Well, Tom Brady be playing in the Super Bowl in eight years. That's the question. How about that? Yes. Mellors kid in the Olympics, or Brady in the Super Bowl, which goes later. Imagine that after the phone lines here we go phone lines or happened Marco's in north Riverside. Mark, Go. What's up? Get Okay, let's talk about the great Michael and the number 23. Michael Phelps 23 gold medals first at 19 the last at 31. That's like if you had to play basketball, but everybody to play left handed, and then you win, But you gotta play right handed and then you win, and then you're in a team sport where you gotta make up for all of your teammates, shortcomings and be the anchor leg in a relay race. And win and Michael Phelps. Just I don't I don't feel like he gets enough credit for being the best athletes. Uh, I think he gets plenty of credit. When did you guys mentioned him? ESPN. There's been articles in the Baltimore Sun or ESPN gives him the snub for being the best athlete. Michael Phelps is an underrated, great athlete, one of the best we'll never see anybody like it again. See Michael Phelps. She's kingdom. Tampa Bay scores first take the over. All right. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. The reason why we don't bring up Michael Phelps Marco's because we like to keep listeners. But But you remember, Honey? When Mark Spitz won seven we went, We'll never see that again. We'll see it again. There will be other great ones that come along. There's gonna be someone's gonna win six titles in eight years, too in the NBA. That's gonna happen. Also, it will happen. Way appreciate what Michael Jordan's done. But as sports evolves when we try to figure out what's next, and what's new things happen, like like this whole thing would Patrick the homes if they can't see Chiefs win and he was a second championship before he's 25? That means the arrows continues to point up. He's got plenty of time to win more if he asked, too. So I I always look forward to what is the next thing? We gotta be excited by the sports fans because that's what makes the sports world go round and round. That's the huge stakes in this Super Bowl. For me, Hoody is that if Tom Brady wins this one he gets to seven. And it's up against my homes right now, who currently has one. If you flip it, though, it could be six and two and all of a sudden we come in here on Monday. Mahomes has won two in a row and at 25 years old to be 26 next year. It doesn't seem so outlandish to be like You know what If anybody's gonna track down Tom Brady, it's going to be the kid who's already got two on his resume. Like in terms of greatest of all time for, you know, NFL supremacy. This. This has a shot to defining it. For, you Know, 10 years down the road, Mama's gonna have to keep you know, adding trophies to his days case. But the truth is, there's a lot at stake for both Tom Brady and Pat Mahomes in this Super Bowl. Seventies is seven is the number I never thought I would see for one quarterback if the Patriots thief a treat, If the If the Brady and the Bucks lose, I will still have Brady as the greats have ever seen because he busted through that Montana versus Elway debate for so many years because Brady is the grace of ever seen, so he falls short. You know what this adds to his legacy? Let's go to the phones. Johnson, Evanston. Hey, John. What's up, man? I just wanted to say that if Brady wins a ring, it'll be his seventh and Otto Graham already won seven rings in 10 years. So let's talk about Brady being the greatest in the Super Bowl era. But out of grand right now with seven rings is the greatest of all time. Thank you. Okay. I appreciate that. You cannot compare the way the game was played with leather helmets back then, to the way the game is played today with the size and speed the strength of the athletes. I just don't think it's comparable, Jonathan. It's good to hear from the the Graham family who's checked in here this morning..

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