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Music is going to play. And the crowd is going to fucking erupt and he's going to come out and he's going to be pretty busted, okay? This dude already wrestled with the pec completely off, okay? He already wrestled with this muscle completely off. And I am by no means saying, this is a good idea. For his health. For his health. But Cody rose has already shown that he's a crazy motherfucker. So, Cody Rhodes comes out and he's not looking so good. He might even have like a cast. He has a cast underneath that coat. You know, like he had the reveal last time to show all the black people. He's got a cast underneath. WWE has done this shit before, okay? They've done Cody Rhodes takes a pretty bad look and spot. You know, maybe it's a table. I don't know. Something that looks painful and you know it's painful because he's just been healing. All right, bye Cody Rhodes, he goes to sleep. Either either he's under the ring, just hanging out for the rest of the match, or they bring attention to it. Medical personnel come out, Cody, you shouldn't be out here dude. I can't believe you're out here. Like, what are you doing? The good old medical spot. Yeah, the medical spot. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Exactly. Cody Rhodes, he's either underneath the ring for the rest of the match, so he doesn't have to take too many spots. Cody or Cody goes back to the back room. It'd be obviously more dramatic, but that happens because late in the match, Cody Rhodes, Cody Rhodes comes out and he climbs that ladder, and he takes the brief. One armed. One arm Cody Rhodes is going to win men's money in the bank ladder match. This Saturday in Vegas. What? Why Cole? Would you just say that because that's been the build the whole time? I mean, Cody gets a countdown clock. Cody, when he's getting an interview spot in raw, gets us gets a promo. Cody Rhodes is their guy. To eventually take a title at some point. And what better story can you have than him just tormenting Roman Reigns every time? Because he doesn't have to show up to the arena. He can continue his rehab and just keep shooting promos with the briefcase. And he can just keep being there and be like, Roman. Hey, what's going on buddy? You know, I'm just sitting on this and I'm just waiting for this bad boy to heal. I just had to make one I had to push through and I did it for all my fans and all the people who are rooting for me and his dad. And I'm doing it for my dad. He does another dad promo, right? Don't forget the tears. We got to have some tea. Oh yeah, yeah. What do you guys want to talk about? Yeah, exactly. He's going to have to throw down one of those. And the dog. Bring the dog. Yeah. Yeah. And his daughter. Yes. We mentioned brandy. Yeah, yeah, exactly. All of that is to say, the reason why I say this is because as dangerous and money in the bank ladder matches, you open up the possibility that you can do this a little more safely than Hell in a Cell with your half your body is purple. Yes. And I'm not once again, I am not suggesting this is a good idea because the last thing I want to see happen for Cody Rhodes is for him to injure himself even worse. But Mark it down. The winner of the money in the bank ladder match, and this all goes up in smoke. If SmackDown announces a fucking qualifying match, and I will be pissed, but understand here on the corner podcast. This prediction, Vince, Nick, whoever's listening, this is some creative shit. Thank you. I've done some research real quick. I yield the rest of my time. Cody and brandy have not posted any new pictures. Since the last pay per view. That's weird. Not one. Coincidence. Do you know what today is? Was there a anniversary or some shit? Today is Cody Rhodes birthday. Oh, it is Cody rose birthday. As we are recording this. This is his birthday weekend. Oddly enough, the man is born a 4th of July weekend. That's very Cody Rhodes. How very American nightmare of him? Yeah. If you're having an American themed character, win on for the weekend. There's so much here. And then he showed up in the video package on raw. There's no reason to have him saying anything. No. Unless there's maybe there's something for him to do. So look, Cole, I don't like it, Cole. You love it. You might be right. I mean, picture and Cody with that briefcase to pop that he will get from that crowd. And the fact that he'll be holding that thing until he comes back. And then you get to the point where it's like, we don't know exactly when Cody's coming back. When he's coming back, he's cashing in. It writes itself. Maybe Royal Rumble? Shit may be WrestleMania. Could be a random raw, ran a SmackDown. And he just has to take the belts off a Roman and Romans chase it. I don't know what happens. And you could even, you could even, you could even go like the next level, and we were just talking about Drew McIntyre, like if he'd wins it, like Cardiff, I'm catching it in there, but it's for a one on one match. Cody could go super baby face with that. And Cody could go like, look Roman. I know I've been taunting you for the last 9 months as my pecs yield. But you know what? We're gonna do this, clean. And that insert event here, I will be cashing in. He could also do that. Could just cash in a mania. Because there's part of me that goes like Cody Rhodes would maybe feel a little cheap if you want to get money in the bank. But cash in early I mean, this is all yours even shows up. My prediction goes out the window the second Cody rose doesn't show up. But I like it though. I still like it. Is showing up. And if this happens, I want everybody who's listening to this, the tweet at me and be like, Cole, are you a prophet? Are you a sage of some sort? Can you see the future? And the answer is yes. What gives us even more credence is what I said. Not like a winner that you're looking at in this money in the bank, you're like, that's the perfect person to win. That's part of the reason, too. Yeah, so it's like Cody's like, he was like, she was going to win in the first place. And now you get there and it's like, well, why not? I'm picking riddle because I have nobody else to pick. And also, if Cody is not in there, this is not count as my official pick. But I just really hope that Matt does it for Randy, bro do it for Randy, man. This is for you. Randy. I don't know a Matt. Oh, I'm sorry. If riddle wins, excuse me, I'm sorry. Yes, sorry. Just one word. I'm sorry, yes. Riddle. Where's Butch on this card? Oh, God. No Butch. He probably comes out during money in the bank. Oh, yeah, yeah. He's biting stuff. Yeah, he's like a little child. He's inviting. Ladies and gentlemen, coming to the ring. Just.

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