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Time West was probably the most feared the guy who I if somebody hits you on the back of your head. And you turned around swing. And you saw with West on south. You pull back. I I love all those stories like I. I was looking through sort of the toughest guys tough iskoe. NBA Player listen. There's a bunch of them and I see west, and some top tens and top fifteen top thirties or whatever you know, Nate Thurmond is on the list in just Rick Rick. Mahorn was definitely a tough guy mcdaniel, yes, good one definitely tough Guy Charles. Oakley Oakley definitely. Well three. It had legendary 'cause I know we're talking about West. But well as had the legendary fight of all time, where they were playing the Lakers in the mid sixties and There was a guy name Rudy. I forget his last name be played for the Lakers and he was, he was considered a a real dirty player, and he did something to well as. During the game and Willis went after him, and the Guy Iran's at a Laker bench, and will basically fought three or four guys on the Laker bench at one time, and they all scattered. Look up the video of it. It's on Youtube. Consider wondering the legendary vice of all time. He has basically wiped out the Lakers. And but they were cut from the same cloth. Seven West they they they were. They were cut from that same intense. Take, prisoners mold and It's interesting when I was talking to West for that story, and I was watching during a practice back. Then you know one or two questions. I asked them was. I bet you wish you had you on that team. You know and he said I think I'd be better if I had willis on that team now I think of Wes unseld I didn't know well. I knew him a little and I hadn't talked to him in probably decades. but he was a lot like Eddie. Murray Personally right very reserved, but but but did he have the same reputation among media members that Eddie Murray had. I don't know if he had the same reputation, but he was pretty unapproachable. In a lot of ways, heritage. Thing what I mean by that is Pity out to outsiders. They didn't know what he was like. The people who he was loyal to who was friends with extreme loyalty. Extreme, Friendship I mean you know.

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