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I'm very cautious on NewsRadio. 10 80 K. R L D. The former Grand Prairie charter school teacher is behind bars charged with sexually assaulting a child, Carol. He's Andrew Greenstein has the story. We have one less child preacher from ST That's Grand Prairie Police officer Mark Buscetta, talking about the arrest of 37 year old Jameel was it of the colony was that had taught that the uplift Grand Preparatory Academy, which is not affiliated with the Grand Prairie, I SD Buscetta says the investigation began this past July. We learned of an outcry statement that Was made to a parent from a child of a possible sexual assault that had occurred at school center says he believes that was that was a kindergarten teacher, but the age of the victim is unknown. Other than that the victim was under the age of 14 was that is in the Grand Prairie Detention Center on $200,000 Bond. The sentence, says detectives want to hear from anyone who may have had contact with was that is there may be additional victims. Andrew Greenstein, NewsRadio 10 80 Karol D. Move over Matthew McConaughey, Another celebrity is joining the faculty UT Austin Herald is Susan Darwin has that Texas jewelry mogul Kendra Scott has joined the staff at Austin. She's teaching a woman in entrepreneurship class designed for women who would like to launch their own business someday. Scott started her company with just $500 out of a spare bedroom in her home back in 2002, and she has grown that company into a billion dollar business with over 2000 employees and more than 100 stand alone stores. In fact, her jewelry has made Oprah's list of favorite things. Scott says she is honored to join the university as a professor of practice. The school's other celebrity professor is actor Matthew McConaughey. Who teaches a film production class at the Moody College of Communication. Susan Darwin, NewsRadio, 10 80 K R. L D. From the.

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