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The all the matter let's say of a solar system is collected together informs on a disc shape with it apparently it looks like a rubber bumper uh is goes completely around these many galaxies to deflect off any faith in in the universe that would bump into it uh you can check this out you know you can check out merck merging galaxies you can check out of the magnificent sombrero galaxy and you're right and you know what else this reminds me of fill yeah did you see the end of the xfiles two nights ago the mandela hilbert okay i'm not going to give it away then but you can which would i want you to do go watch the xfiles and when you get to the and and they talk about the wall and you'll understand it's exactly what you're talking about there but uh send me a tweet in twitter and go you know church isoed and you were right and in the meantime philby safe out there my friend both flood yummy thank you feel great phone call did you guys catch the end of the xfiles did you see a dan you did see the xfiles wait a minute you are my engineer in here on coast to coast right and you're telling me you haven't watched the xfiles clean out your desk i'm just letting you know run there are certain rules in our community dan and the xfiles as one of them this is something you can't break okay you're going to do it tonight he says he's going to do it tonight with that let's go to cannes in st louis can your up next on coast candid you see the last episode of xfiles loik did not okay can be okay we can't call into the show go all right good what's on your mind they.

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