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Let's take a few steps back and talk about their relationship moving forward to this moment. So when? Elijah makes us prophecy saying that there will be no water. There will be no food for three years. You can only imagine what this does to his relationship with King Cab. There is a major break. The king have spins the next three years trying to chase down trying to kill Elijah at some point in chapter seventeen Elijah ass ova diet to get. King Cab and overdose says no, no, no, I'm not going to do this because he's trying to kill you and if he doesn't get you in the process, he's going to kill someone and that someone is probably going to be me that animosity between a hat and Elijah cannot be understated, and if you can imagine how Elijah feels towards in King a hug, it's not much better Elijah views a how as the? The scourge of holiness in Israel that what could be is being held back by this evil ruler that the relationship that the people Israel could have with their God is being broken by this evil leader, and so these two very contrary figures find themselves together on this great showdown day when all of the deaths suttles, I am so interested to see who speaks I. and what does one person say to another? Because in my the imagination of human nature. I can tell you what I would say to someone else. I I'm pretty sure if I was alleged, be something along the lines of I told you so or c, or how dare you or haven't I proven myself now and animosity that would just flat out of the gate at this kind of a critical change moment. And yet this is not what a lie says Elijah says these things he says go. Eat and drink, and he says for the sound of a heavy rain is coming. And? WE'RE SPLIT THOSE UP I. he says go eat and drink now. Historically speaking and there's a couple reasons why. King Ahab would not have had anything to eat this day. One could have just been the stress of the day or the anxiety of this activity. The other one is that King. Ahab could have been fasting that day that in a moment. Moment of solemn desire to see who was really God king have could have been in a in a moment of sacrifice to not eat that day so Elijah, speaks to him in the first thing out of his mouth is what I'm going to recognize as Elijah's I act of reconciliation that win a larger could have taken this moment to throw stones could. Could have taken this moment to throw blame to cast blame. He expresses an act of reconciliation and he says go eat and drink. Take Care of King Ahab. You've been out here. You've had a long day and I went. Express my care for you. I want to express my love for you and I'm GonNa. Tell you go take care of yourself and the next thing. He says he says there's the sound of heavy rain coming which is ironic because there was no sound of heavy rain, so the Bible is very clear that at this point there was no clouds in the sky, and if there's no clouds in the sky, we can assume also that there was no sound of a heavy rain. But needed to happen next was the ring the if end of this season of being broken out of relationship with king a Hab. was going to end with this act of God. The rain needed to come. And, so Elijah Sesa King Ahab..

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