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In we're going to preview the upcoming spring niece tournament for detroit city f c. They're going down to chattanooga dig into a pistons trade talks spartan and wolverine basketball and the door get into new data as to. What is the most popular snack for watching basketball. And what are pixar. By the way if you love the show don't forget to leave a rating or review on apple podcasts. And let's just get started. Virtually fletcher sharp. Good to talk to you man. Yeah thanks for having me again. Of course all right first off the big story. Michigan and michigan state have both made the aa tournament. Let's talk about early. Quick both schools of qualified for this year's tournament for michigan state. It being the twenty third year in a row which is amazing. Because that means like the last time i didn't qualify. I couldn't watch rated movies. I couldn't really do much by myself. Because i was seven with michigan on and off but shows it like they are continuously still being seen as one of the best teams in the nation definitely because they've taken over number one seat in the eastern division as for michigan state. They have the eleven seed and a plan game. I think the first ever play in game in the eastern michigan state especially seeing as those have not really been around for too long they play. Ucla and if they win they will then play against byu. Which is a match. I think if they beat. Ucla they should be byu and michigan and their matchup. They play mount. Saint mary's or texas southern as those who are playing games if they beat those teams which they should they will play either. Lsu or a saint bonaventure and a lot of michigan state. Fans who know that they got in by the hair of their jenny chin chin. But they're not mad about it. A lot of them actually seemed like they wanted to be a higher rate of team. They're like a lot of the fans. I saw on twitter on facebook. Roll like we deserve better than eleven seed and i'm like. Hey man relax like your conference record was terrible and yes you beat duke when they were ranked six. You beat iowa illinois michigan. You beat all these really really great teams all back to back to back at the end of the season doesn't really say the fact you guys also lost northwestern that really really bad regular season your conference like up to time those regular standards like it was terrible there a point rows like other knocking even qualify for the it for those you don't know the nit is a second level of tournaments for those who don't make the ncaa but still want.

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