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What was what was the big thing that you worked on to really just improve your game? How did you get out of that swing? Okay. There were two main things that everybody has been asking me since I stopped playing baseball there like men, your Gulf games gotten better. So the first thing is in baseball. I was back leg hitter. I mean, most power hitters or back leg hitters. They kind of dropped that back shoulder. We want to get, you know, create some angles, some lost on the ball and just spin it the plate hit that ball over the fence. Well, when you stay on your backside and the Gulf swing as you guys know, it's the worst thing for you. So I had the high rights and then when I try to get quick and and I had the the hooks lab, so getting off of my backside was number one. And number two, actually keeping the clubs face closed throughout my tire back swing and then coming down through the ball because in baseball, you're, you know, if you guys can think about how you hit a baseball, that top hand. Is actually way open when you when you come through swing. So when a golf swing, my my club base would be open the whole way. And then I just have to flip it at the very end to to create that timing. And if my timing was perfect, you know, I, I can have a good round, but if my timing was off a little bit, man, I'm hitting house rockets Chonkin balls and and getting that clip base in the right angle was a huge thing for me. So you playing with, are you playing with the shut face for because you switch hitter in baseball? Yeah, yes. So what do you, what do you play? Golf. All righty. And kind never even try to the club left handed. So are you playing with a shut face then now with with you're saying keeping your face closes out how you're playing with your golf swing? Yes, yes. So so I have. I have a very simple Gulf swing now taking lessons from from a really good teacher, Carl Alexander Gulf of purchase here, close to my home, and you know we're working on just being very simple. I'd. Don't have to create a bunch of clubheads speak because I already have it. So if you look at me, you're like, oh, he's not even swinging the club hard. Well, if I've really tried to swing the club hard, you know the ball could go really far and you know, I don't really need that, so I can. I can hit the ball long way, just having a simple compact swing, which is what I'm working on right now. This is so messed up. And do you notice how Texas talking about how hostile rocket distant? It goes all over the place that, but before he goes, you know, I was at twelve point two handicap before you've got the number wrong every time. I'm saying it twelve point. All I'm saying is if you're a handicap of twelve, whatever you're not hostile rocketed and Toews shanking nothing, you know and every I got the same problem with the reverse. Like I cannot. I was the same playing baseball off the back leg. I'm a lefty. So for me, I fall away off my left on my left side. How did how do you get to? How did you break that habit? Because I cannot break that habit and Duda. Have you looked at your Wikipedia page is like thirty minutes long. I haven't looked at it recently because sometimes you can't trust what's on there, but hopefully it's all correct. So you'll forgetting the my front side. It took me. I mean, I've been, I've been retired now for two years. It took me about a year to really be can to stay consistently on my front side and get into that front side. I basically did like a, I kind of just kept all my weight on my left side and practice, and I didn't. I didn't have any type of weight shift at all, and that's just buried that those thoughts and those mechanics, and that muscle memory into my body. So I go bang balls for an hour at the rains without ever really putting any weight on my right side and that helped a lot man..

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