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You know the government has to invest at the highest level in these things. So I think that there's been that leave we've not invested enough materials and there's been recognition at this at the top there had been steering the National Science Foundation, for example has. started some new materials initiatives. They've been some young, some private foundations like the Moore Foundation which have started investing in materials people, but we just need more I. Think at the end of the day materials are the basis of so much of what we do and again, just the fundamental nitty gritty had these materials combined part of it rather than the most exciting. I discovered a whole new material and field. It has to be supported. You have to support both sides of that. Right. In. which the what's the intellectual property patenting status You know suppose you come up with the new process. Of the new combination. Of those things patentable. Yeah Yeah, they are of course. Yes. Yes. So if you just sort of look at the sexual in a number of patents coming out of countries, is the US competitive in number of patents. At this I don't know what happened. Yeah, it'd be interesting. You know it's one out would that be can see rate? That that sort of includes what university is doing what the government is doing strategically in this area. A very difficult thing like you say because it's a long cycle. Investment and Long. Psych. Overturn problem right and so you can imagine countries like Japan really doing well in this area because they seemed to have longer horizons right? Pin Union does I mean that's crazy thing is that you can the European Union will invest a lot of money in in big centers materials for example, right? And and you know they, they have a huge centering graphene huge centers in in magnetics, for example, It requires a high level government investment that that other countries will make. In most students need to get into it. So you have to sort of make this field more sexy I. Guess Right in some eighties happily. Okay was. Wasn't about price twenty, sixteen or something in the material selena. was. It. was that. I. Don't know. When grappling won the Nobel Prize in housing I I. Think. That was something in twenty sixteen, I can quit remember that was all sorts thought crime cycle ten with the graphing Nobel Prize. twenty, sixteen, new girl I'm curious about that is a because those types of things help right do sort of showcase that. Of course, it Twenty Sixteen Nobel Prize was the cutlets vilest housing. This was for two policy materials. Interestingly, this was constantly so Duncan Haldane on. Of the other theoreticians and heated theoretical basis of blood apology but costs let's foulis worked on two dimensional superconductors. specially. Interesting. So it was a topic that I've worked on for my thesis project. Looking. At transitions in that two-dimensional superconductors make between superconducting and insulating states and they discovered that these transitions they make were Were due to could could be described by. The to policy. Basically, the go hard describe it anyway it's..

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