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Phillies are hawking. The brewers are also out because their starting pitching in you know, they're just they said both these teams have stout. Every game is throwing more than one. And they're a hip today to he hit that point. A robot exceed I was. Got a couple of callers. Let's go to John in Yuba city. How you doing John? Doing great Bill vita great. You guys did a great job on the show. Thanks for coming up. Jeff Stover golf tournaments over the years and the casino wanna Yuba city you. You're great ambassador for the man that was for Jeff would do that for the girl scouts girl scouts. Yeah. That's good. Did you play jump? Several times. Vital, Bloody Mary fillet tail stakes. Story. Peachtree country club in Marysville. We played the tips, and he had a thousand golf bowl than his bad. I never seen anything like it. He's got a thousand clubs in his garage to don't get me wrong. He's got more clubs and balls. Let me say he's got a tremendous rounds of believe it or not sometime I might hit a new ball each shot. I might drive in new bone a might hit my protein may put into vodkas to the kids. Yeah. Yeah. I use them as balls. Go ahead. John. Thanks for calling him. So go ahead. What you had a question here. You're talking about Willie metal. He wanted to talk about Willie Mak. I grew up in San Francisco, I was lucky enough to go to candlestick in all those days, windy days of crazy weather days. And I watched Willie Mack the time I was gonna remember seven eight years old back in the sixties. And wanna remember those about Willie Mays Willie Mack? He was the sole of the giants. And he was just a quiet later a role model that any kid any fan would wanna follow. I mean, he was just such a class act. But I think him and Nate Thurman and L owls the same main. Those three gentlemen were just they were just professional and then watching willy willy would take the air out of the park, as you know, you play with them on any. I mean, he he was the greatest lefthanded power. I think of our lifetimes, I never saw Babe Ruth. But I just think we'll hit. Yeah. Yeah. The thing is John. I mean, he was the type of player when he came to bat. Just like when Barry Bonds that everybody stopped if you stopped because he he was on the circle and everybody said, okay. He's up next. I'm not going to the bathroom. I want to sit here and watch watch this guy. I see. Barry was very I mean, you had those hall of fame type players did that where he knew he was coming up next. You're not gonna miss his best, AVI? Something special. Sure. Yeah. I thought I tell people Steph Curry's MRs are better than most guys makes and was the same way. Most guys contact. So you. Thanks again. For did a great job. We appreciate it. You know? I don't know if you know that but the NBA finally put Allison hall of fame. I sell it. I thought that was very coolly rake guy. He is your I know him very well on detering gradulate. Dow have the two nights ago. All right. Let's get to Peter and San Francisco Peter you're on with Bill tonight. Peter either. Either Dan is either. Well, we'll get back to. Peter's got to put the phone down put the radio down. Then talk does. So anyway, but you know, one of the things that he was talking about it as true, you you talk about these stars layers come to bat and any team. You know, you love, you know, are not, oh, you know, you always talk about or to Lewinsky or yellow chimneys guys are just get your attention. Again. You can see I mean, something the way they walked they carry themselves. You know, this guy's a star. Yep. Well, that's how I feel at Madison Bumgarner we watched him grow. And when he goes to when he goes on the mount I mean when I look at it starts when did you start next? I know he started Pittsburgh Friday. I mean, I look because I liked to watch them compete under certain pitchers like Scherzer's another one. Yeah. Ause burs. Another one Strasbourg is stays healthy. I think he could be the best pitcher in the national. I really do. He just has a lot of injuries. That's probably can't stay healthy. Now have Patrick Corbin over there. They signed him as a free agent. He lightning out twelve strikeouts. The other day. So did we do our early season fix for playoffs and the glowing? We didn't we'll get to that. Let's get back to Peter. Peter's back. I live Peter. How are you tonight? I'm doing fine. I met you once in the Costco store, I told you about that. Poster. I made sure I do. Go ahead. Peter. I have two quick stories. I wanna tell you one about Willie MAC and the other one is about Gary Lavelle, I used to drive a cab in the city, and we pull up to the circle just before the end of the game. And what I always remember would be to junior July night kitschy to agrees that and the wind is blowing and Gary Lavelle would come out throwing that underhand pitch from right field. And these guys were trying to hit it. And if they did fell it off it would kill their hands. Like oh watching Gary Lavelle in the nineteen inning. In those conditions was pure one and joy, big leg. Kick you'd get that knee up real high and come sidearm sometimes. But his breaking ball was now. Asti hit one of the better breaking balls off left hander. And there's one about Willie McCovey that that I've told a couple of times. But I think you'd like to hear this one. I was sitting behind third base more or less up on the top way way up behind home plate. And and they were playing the dodgers. It was it was four three. And there's a guy on second base. And either clot seeing or Ron Kurnaz. He came in who who's the left-hander? I can't remember. I thought it was a paranoid ski. Anyway, he came in. And it was about the eighth inning. And they threw him pitches in they just inside pitches. A whole fouled about five to six of all long home runs. But. Way way foul and he's an everybody in new. There's only two things that are going to happen. He's gotta give a straight that that ball out or he's gonna strike out dramatically. To lose right? The ball is still bouncing around in the football seats. That's true to let me ask Peter. How many games did you go out candlestick and watch you get allow out there? Well, I came I came to San Francisco during the Haight Ashbury days boy. And yeah. And one of the reasons I came to San Francisco to watch Willie Mays my favorite player, and I never saw ahead headed home run. But I saw him hit a home. I'm must've saw online on tour three hundred at candle Peter, Peter. Yeah. If I break start saying if you going to say, you're gonna do the trust. Yeah. Would you would you pick up the land and carry that tune for me, he sure some waiters? If now going to say, France this go, Peter you say, I hit sake. Apprentice. In your hair? But you know, you I'll tell you one thing when here a quick story about oracle. I saw Jimi Hendrix play at oracle arena before it was called oracle. You mean in Oakland? Yeah. Okay. At the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum. That's what it was at the time. You pitch. During the World Series games. Just doing my job. Yes. In my job. Peter. Thank you so much for giving us a call the night. We appreciate your support and your call. Give us a call another time. When we're I will. I will. I love listening to you to your your your delight. Well, we have shaped up Peter and thanks again. Peter Peter from San Francisco, no your word, ho- soggy. All right. We're gonna take a quick break here. Eight kmby oh about ten minutes left to show. Give us a call. We'll get you on. He's on the hill.

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