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I'm Justin Kauffman in this is reset. The world is celebrating the Centennial of author, Ray Bradbury's birth. The Joaquin born bradberry is acknowledged as one of the world's all time. Great Scifi writers the seminal works include Fahrenheit four, fifty, one illustrated man Bradberry died and twenty twelve but the literary communities enjoying numerous celebrations for his one hundredth on briberies actual birthday on August twenty second. The Library of Congress will feature read alongs by actors and authors like William. Shatner Rachel. Bloom and Neil gaiman and Bradbury's official biographer Sam. Weller is doing his part to celebrate the life of a man who's still looms larger than life. You know I think with each passing year that this man has left our planet and gone out wherever we go when we depart he becomes more important to the Pantheon not just literature but to creativity and imagination this was in my estimation I think in a biased. As he said his authorized biographer I. Think he is one of the most important creators of the twentieth century. I mean not only did he do books like parenthood 451, which is a mainstay in in school curricula around the world. Published in nearly forty languages around the world but he worked in television. You know he wrote episodes of the twilight zone. He designed attractions at Epcot. Center. He designed shopping malls. He was nominated for an academy award. There's a crater on the moon named for the man and I just think his footprint on imaginative storytelling is just massive and I think that's why people are coming together in recognizing this centennial is really important. It makes me sad because I work really closely with him for so long and he always maintained I wanna live to a hundred I want to live to one hundred zero didn't quite get there. Ninety, one, ninety, two years old I think is when he died but when you've worked so close with someone like Ray Bradbury and you spent time with him, what do you think people don't know about bradberry but should know about. You. Know I think there was a wad vive about the man there was an effervescence. If you will his life, I mean, he celebrated every single day when I was with, him couldn't help but feel gratitude for just being alive and I think that that crackles through in many of his books. But I think people who read a work like the Martian chronicles or a dystopia and work like Fahrenheit four, fifty, one or frightening book like the illustrated man people think that he must have been a dark and brooding visionary and there was that aspect to him. But that really was not his personality he was hilarious he was gregarious are. Back to when I was twenty one. The reason I'm here tonight is because I quit acting. Because I couldn't remember the God line. Kit, a tremendous zest for life and that's you know I think why he continues to live on. I want to get into the stories..

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