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Morning once again here short while the NFL continues to move towards opening facilities which could come by the end of this week the next step is going to be training camp and Roger Goodell issued a memo to all thirty two teams making two adjustments to this year's training camps the league has decided the teams must hold camps this summer at their main facilities because of the corona virus pandemic and there will be no joint practices this year the NFL and the NFLPA decide to keep the teams at home because they want to limit travel and the risk associated with maintaining two facilities there are still nine teams that camps at different sites including the Redskins who've been Richmond every year since two thousand thirteen this year was supposed to be the last we'll see where it goes from here Washington basketball lost a legend on Tuesday bullets legend Wes Unseld passing away one of just two can be a player to be named rookie of the year an M. V. P. the same season will chamberlain was the other one so let the bullets to their only championship in nineteen seventy eight an interview in two thousand seventeen he knew that seventy eight team would be special maybe half a dozen games before we were to jump into the playoffs everybody was healthy at that point right there I think we knew there may be somebody that could do this but they had a jobs four days work ahead of him and so but I want to be a GM and a coach of the bullets he was seventy four years old George Wallace thirty two before two still ahead this early Wednesday morning for you right here on WTOP a Confederate statue is suddenly taken down in old town Alexandria I'm Michelle Basch CBS news update ignoring a few large number of protesters out on the streets near the White House it was just over twenty four hours ago the demonstrators were tear gassed by police for presidential photo op every every policeman.

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