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Take this. He's Bloomberg Radio. This. He's Bloomberg markets with Barney Quinn and Paul Sweetie, How do you kind of you the volatility in the marketplace here? We haven't completely different climate strategy companies across the board across industries, really trying to shore up their balance sheets. Very, very disturbing Dynamics at work breaking market news and inside from Bloomberg experts showing dollar policy, I think is a lot of its rhetoric because of all the dislocations. There's always relative value trades that you could be doing. The only issue is how hot get home prices go. It's the uncertainty. I think that is really good. Being everyone. He's Bloomberg markets, with Bonnie Quinn and polls sweetie on Bloomberg Radio. Coming up. In just a moment, We're gonna check into the press briefing of the White House Cove in 19 Response team, including including Dr Anthony Fauci. Plus, we're gonna chat with Dr Don von Vp of data insights at invisibly. They have a survey about whether people will actually take the vaccine once it's available, But right now, let's go to Greg. Jared, get a Bloomberg business flesh Correct. We're off earlier lows ball, but we're still well down in a risk off mood dollars, jumping the most since September Treasury yields with them, the SNP headed to its biggest decline in three weeks. Even after cutting his losses by about half amid speculation the Federal Reserve policymakers will make dovish comments in their news conference later this afternoon. Let's look at where we stand. Now the S and P is down. 1.1% out 43 the Dow's down 1% them 298 and the NASDAQ is down..

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