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Never seen the like do you love was that just came in MHM Lana nobody can man I didn't see nobody at seven the mistake in this case now they're still beautiful diamonds hi I'm satisfied what do you mean you're satisfied because yes that is fine what about the money for them the doctor I bring back with me this afternoon I'm almost tempted man you expect I would come with all of this money the gentleman of your reputation without first seen arms that you what happened to the plan file actually get lost Jerry Hey boys what goes on here nothing against French is says he'll be back this afternoon with a dull that's okay with me see and now you will please excuse me Bob gentleman a dog you've got the case on a doesn't feel right going anywhere right what the don random back yeah I want to fight crime chamber I highly it didn't work get up those diamonds before we ship your back to France and plaster of Paris but I have no time Monday all of a sudden voice that accent sounds funny to me and that mustache and goatee looks only till Chatham of a about when I see a burial Hey they came up in my hand and look friend she really is it's Boston Blackie that's right I'm black and has my calling card Bob and with that yeah got a bomb random let's get him in the back of the shop okay get hold of so the romper sure okay it was some kind of god according to plan delay coming to all right it didn't let go of them not to stand on its own two feet catch a bloody rather than chase let me with mom and lucky he does Tom I don't get lucky with his gun Blackie such advice when you're searching for I don't know how well a brand diamonds all right reaching his pockets Bob you can't find a diamond by just Patton is close okay okay and then I can't balance door he doesn't doesn't have money aside he got on any of these pockets either a one this is his queen bossy a got those diamonds no one now and he swallowed them gently some of them as a bit out of the we're gonna drag him up the doctor Jones and have and use a florist open this bomb I'm sorry joking about the fluoroscope shows nothing that's a good thing they tossed you out of med school or you couldn't get a case of mumps without a search warrant doc there's nothing wrong with me Dalton it's your theory Blackie didn't swallow those done I guess your fellow then want me anymore yeah lacking stock he's got perhaps one of them they are not and we went over everything is wearing his all of them all right sorry Dalton but the fluoroscope shows that he did not swallow them believe me you didn't and what happened last time is where I think I don't know that's what I'm trying to figure out I know it he took a right did were wrong look you don't want me anymore they're not gonna get out of the we don't want you we want those time you can't let him go Mike and I he hasn't got the stones and then we went on a police parking up on us they don't like it okay but where rod the raxle does happen in a chair a I wonder what happened to the plan.

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