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Get into those two tight end sets with both she and her in a way that search so so much for the impact of the playbook dolphin divines really got the interior of the offense of line got what there's the play right in the in the first half I believe it is where there's that dropped her section two fifty. rose from his right to his last. it's a touchdown it just says the second big take a three step drop in lead reveals Cordell Protestant downfield yes the book not terrible decision yes the move because the internal pressure and then lastly Mr Christie this is the major Kerr basically we talked about I've heard every Wednesday many did play in the preseason it shows yes and it showed in two ways one could really on aggressive be needing there was no commitment from the state like I'm confident we're I'm throwing this football and then you could tell it I just weren't comfortable and I always say this of the hardest things after a long period of time is is getting back to seeing speed in the Pooler of color and it just wasn't there I'm not concerned but it it showed up last week that was Dan Orlovsky on with captain company earlier this week the follow up to that statement for more loss he was this is Matt Nagy coaching around Mitch Tribbett skis deficiencies your data loss he well you certainly can see in the play calling that the culture around them right at the you can he he throws that are under ten yard he's really efficient with those and the big thing if you watch him throw the football in a row that is under ten yards in comparison to the throw that over ten and I'm telling you watch the commitments are the confidence is the show like you're watching screws put into the ground back put into the ground and deliver a ball constantly in it you can either that the transfer of weight from the right the left and it's just that the confidence that is B. R. showing and then you watch it so the ball over ten yards and there is a lack of confidence there's a there's a almost like a a he's he relied on his feet in a way and Anders that everyone knows you kind of had that little hospital found and so you can see that play calling why they coach around it what should they do you know what it's it's it's it's gonna be a rap thing that you get comfortable back back being comfortable because again this is something he got a lot. is it better with last year you got to get back to being in game and getting hit and urine colored bodies all around and getting that confidence but it really starts on that ground up but they need to do is get him back playing again I know people in Chicago are freaking out and I probably there's probably people listening going may he never said anything bad about the trip later but he let's give him another week of actually playing football games before we have a total feel of how he's going to be this year thanks Dan Orlovsky you can hear him every week on captain company right here on ESPN one thousand great stuff on the quarterback Chris black camera dollars Steve Mongo McMichael what do you think of what or lawsuits brought down with her basically it's what I've always said you don't actually have to have had played the game to know what's going on. old Danny boys for held that clipboard pretty good evening. we also ran out the back of the ends of that alliance but like I said the only thing he talked about his route all right on right on you know he drops back is collected J. color when he saw in a deep pass you don't go out of office the bad foot right being thrown through it you see that don't you know that just like you talk about social breath he draws back and puts his back foot in the ground of both well when he draws back to throw a long pass he draws back exactly even back when he throws it were there times last season guys that we saw archer busy throwing down the field where he looked confident though like I I you know even the wild card game fourth quarter he looked confident stepping up in the pocket why did he look like you lack so with so little confidence. their work in training camp baby he hasn't been doing that so he has confidence isn't there today he had to stop in the pot a pocket in make throws really knows yet comments zero not until he's until their work on in practice like they should or the game should have gone by where he's actually work through it and realized what he should do in the game when it should be a practice but they don't practice five days should so it's got to be game experience for him right well man it takes awhile because I only do once a week not three times a week we saw he was successful last week when he was going to his first read so you had that that deep past Allen Robinson that was his first read when they were late in the fourth quarter and they were driving down the field and he was having all those quick drop drop off those are all his first read he's super confident when it comes to his first read when his first free is open if his first reads not open. it's not gonna have this is a problem I got with the more radical attitude he's got you read your primary receiver he didn't get Moran I know. that means more on time stand. you reach your primary receiver word that coverages on here before the ball is snapped you don't get the ball in your hand locating the open if you see that safety. coming all cross that that George Markle. he's going to be over the top of that was their primary receiver right so maybe you're. receiver that tagging running down the scene before the ball is served that's what I'm told the ball. not what you got the ball my primaries covered who's next. that's what happens yeah the processing chip in the head you don't have that much time to process and is very few quarterbacks that can stay in their process everything from them and figure it out you're going to get action go that's what I say about my defense we were a run away freight train by being if you're standing on the tracks you're going to get run over the smart ones just jumped off the track. right by yeah yeah. jumping off the track means you're already thrown the ball. three seconds now he's out of his hands you know we're in sitting there staring at your primary receiver and wonder what the coverages after the ball is snapped I'll go take more three seconds my friend absolutely and and I think that's also where the running game also works into this because of the ball is also out of your quarterbacks hands pretty quickly right how long does it take our hand the ball off western second all over your own hand it off well this is in the defense of mentality I think Nagy has got himself pigeon holed you know the electric gas or lost you said the Packers will run in their nickel de and down defense the whole game they were worried about the run well one one day because Nagy day no net every team in the league knows Nagy. his genius is almost all the ball so you see you put your damn in their new a word about how many guys you got in the box does it make a difference to you whether or not the running plays are coming out of the shot gun or should Mr basically be under center play action my friend so you want do you want to understand yeah I agree up he's not a franchise quarterback and only a franchise quarterback needs to be standing back there and shot go Mongo all you have to do is look at the Dallas Cowboys when the cowboys run play action for dak Prescott he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and I think what I saw on the last running backs in the little booklets in the deception as Mongols talking about two. I think you're going to run. yeah but you're not going to if they know you're not gonna run the ball and we play action means you're faking that hand off to the running back the guys in the secondary see that now when they see that might be a hand off they planter free trade still a backing up and what do you think gets that receiver running past that difference our back. he backed it up no more things is going to be around he gets run by. that's that's it you know al Davis is all for its back when the raiders were just win baby they were smashed miles up the middle of that defense and then when the defense although I was going to happen they're going vertical here's here's the numbers from last week Mago listen to this for the Dallas Cowboys dak Prescott was fourteen of fifteen passing for two hundred seven yards and three touchdowns on play action plays in week one all of them career highs but that's what they are doing their using Ezekiel Elliott and the running game to decide the defense and to throw the ball downfield successfully to Amari Cooper and others but I don't care what the difference of game plan is you get out you know what you wanted Tyson say everybody's got to play until they get punched in the face yeah right now. he bent down in Mexico party and this was his first game no practice in training camp and everybody's saying what is not going to get that many touches so while I was at Devens word about play action. what is the example in the game and still work I don't care who wrote do the running back you you fight the ball during the defense plants are free now. that's what the receivers won't to get separation from the guy trying to cover their. so why is make sure basically not under center more. they're showing brawled with the shot Kern formation in dad's throwing the ball around in the genius of coming up with the plays that happen now that it's all balance right. they actually get under this with this quarter back play action I would have a full back in there in front of Montgomery. if I handed the ball off there's a blocker to get that extra gotcha you know just like every run it you know Walter had a full back name Mansouri that there's a free rusher are free guide got picked up it just didn't hit Walter in the mouth. in this office. this is easy right for gay twins were there just running back standing beside the quarterback in shotgun and all they do the running play yes thanks hand the ball off the road in front of the quarterback. wow. so you don't want to see thirty plus by pass plays in a rose were you trying to say I will I would look into why major risk either forty five times it's insane I know. morning meetings would watch the film of the game we played the engine would start watching some type of the team we're going to play that next week. Monday I would look at these treatments are only to watch no more freedom on or they're going to do. well they've had three extra days to prepare for this game because they were done on Thursday night and the Broncos have had a day less because they played on Monday Night Football so you would think that the game plan and everything like that would be in the bears favor you would think that all the talking not the necessarily man are you listening to the media but he would look at it look at the film and say I can't have my quarterback three forty five times in a game it's not gonna be sore not this one yeah it's not gonna be successful no Chris black with them a doll in Steve Mongo McMichael we have about thirty minutes left in the show we have a lot to do we will talk with Jeff Dickerson live in Denver coming up next.

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