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Y to do it because people don't care about how until they understand why and so you've gotta be constantly explaining the wise for doing the kinds of things that you have observed works or doesn't work and that was really. The first part of the process was writing it all down and train people so to transition. Because i want to get to how to work your network what you. Let's drill down on that. What have you learned from building these ten thousand chapters thousand one hundred sixty four. So it's okay because that's eight hundred. Sixty four probably paid the rent this month. Well it might have. But here's the thing and it brings up a good point. Entrepreneurs need to know their numbers. Absolutely i mean and when i say that people are like no no no. I'm a tax attorney. I get it you get it. You gotta know your numbers. I literally get a daily report daily. Report. i can tell you exactly how many members we have and exactly how many chapters we have. every day. Five days a week. I get a report. I think it's really important to know that information from an entrepreneurial perspective. I got sidetracked. What your question. So how what did you learn from building this. That helped you drill down and get the essentials of how to work your network rate so two things. The first thing i saw was that people would go to networking events and use it as a face to face. Cold calling opportunity. Hi jamie my name's ivan. Let's do business. Let's you know maybe you could refer. Here's three copies of my business card once for you give to others and it's like whoa wait a minute. Who are you what do you do you know. I don't know you are so they use. It is a of calling process and that never works. I mean look. We'll you stumble over business doing that. Yeah but even a blind squirrel confined nut. That's not what i'm talking. No i do a lot of stuff on lincoln. I do not do the stuff. I'm about to tell you about. It's the same thing when i connect with someone at you know this and i get something if i printed it out. It'd be a whole word document trying to sell me on having this call 'cause it's clear they want to sell me something. I'm going folks. Do not do this to me. Because i typically go to the person disconnect right then i'm done right my favorite work. It doesn't work. Not effectively and in my favorite one is the the people who reach out to the lincoln. And say i have got a great leaves list. That will help you build your business. And i'm like oh jolly good. Thank you even know. Did you even look at my profile. I'm not yes yes and just took just so we can trash it all at one time. I love it when people send me the automated email. That says what do you do. I'd like to get to know more bouchier. i'm going. It's in my headline. It's pretty clear in my headline what i do right that you've been looking at the headline right. No so if found that didn't work. What did you find did work. Something i call the process of networking and it's the foundation of everything i teach. If you don't get this right nothing you do. We'll work effectively at networking so begins with visibility..

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