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It is the day after going and hopefully being with family, being with good friends, eating probably more than you should. You know, deciding today that it's not the day to restart a workout program because you really having trouble probably rolling over in bed. Well, today, I just had that thought that you know leftovers are great things. Leftovers are things that you get out of the refrigerator, you take them out, you eat them, and frankly, for me, turkey sandwiches are much better the day after the day or even the day of. So today what I thought we'd do is on the podcast is we've been talking a lot about elections lately we've been talking about a lot of other, you know, just issues that have been going on. And you got one coming up in front we'll just preview it now coming up on Monday. You don't want to miss. We're going to have John berlau is going to be with us talking to FTX scandal. You want to be a part of our Monday podcast as well. But today, I wanted to do what we'll call this the leftover categories. Things that we've just not had a chance to pick up, things we've not had a chance to, you know, to really dive into. So I just want to spend a little bit of time while you're out shopping, you're listening, you riding around, maybe even some of you are getting up and doing expectations. Let's talk about this. First thing up, last year, we and we've talked about this on the podcast before that the Democrats obsession with doing whatever they wanted to do and sort of be damned with the rules, everything else just doing it because they can do it. At the time, a lot of us said this is going to come back to bite them. This is going to come back and be a problem in the future. What they get done now will come back to be a problem later. The thing that you have to realize in Congress is as much as you might think otherwise, Congress is really a body that operates over very set schedule, all fours are very set rule package. It offers a very set quorums and decorum and how it goes about its business. And over my biggest gripe with the Nancy Pelosi, speakership over the last four years, and especially the last two that I was there, and I wrote in my book, the clock and the counter. I wrote about this was the Democrats would be willing to end result do anything they had to do, whether it was taking the rules of practice of the house and throwing them out, whether it was breaking the rules and prices of the house, throwing them out. They didn't care because at the end of the day, they wanted to get an end result. It was either get it Donald Trump or was either to get legislation passed, whatever it was, they were going to do it because they simply had the votes to do it. Simply having the most to do something is not the best way to do this. I'll use an example that I've used before. Nancy Pelosi and I clashed many times on the floor. One of those times that we classed on the floor was at a time in which she was giving a speech during impeachment. She accused the president, Trump at the time of a crime and Colin McRae, which you can not do. I know rules of the House and language are very different than they're there for a reason, but she said that she, you know, she made the claim. I was handling the bill for the Republicans. I stood up and I said, I'm going to give you a chance to correct your language. She said, nope, I've already approved this. She threw her papers at the well and left. So I had her words taken now, which means that she couldn't speak the rest of the day. It's a parliamentary punishment for doing something out of the rules. She forced then after having several speakers or accused themselves on a chair, finally standing warrior said, yep, you did break the rules. She forced the Democrats to come back down and basically suspend it overrule the chair and say that what she did was fine and that she could basically overdo any punishment, follow that. Why not say that story? I tell you that story just simply to show you mindset. All that would have happened to Nancy Pelosi. Was that she couldn't have spoke the rest of the day. We were already late in the afternoon anyway. She wasn't going to speak anymore on the floor. Is it matters, but it was the principal and the purpose for her to not be called wrong on doing something wrong on the floor of the House, although she was a speaker and should have been held to a higher standard. She forced her entire party to come back now and to overrule her punishment. Now this took about an hour and a half, two hours to do, but for her undoubtedly it was worth it. Even though it meant taking 200 plus years of tradition, 200 years as oppressed and everything in overturning it. I say this to simply say, this is what the Democrats wanted to do for the minute they took back power in 2019 and then began into the next Congress as Congress is just closing up. In this last Congress, they came in and they began to take members off of committees right after the Congress was formed last year in January 2021. They began to take Marjorie Taylor Greene and others and were stripped them from their committees and in green's case actually for things that she did before she was even a member of Congress. A lot of Republicans and Democrats on both sides says, look, we don't need to do this. Whatever you feel about whatever happened before, she was a member or some of these other members while they were here is one thing, but taking them off of committees, you go down this path, it's going to be a, it's going to be consequences in the future. Well, part of that consequence in the future has now come home to roost. And that is, Kevin McCarthy, who has gotten the votes to be the speaker nominee for the Republicans. Right now is he is getting it. He made a promise to a TV on Phoebe the day that Adam Schiff, Eric swalwell, and Omar, Ilhan Omar would be stripped of their committees. Now, personally, I don't think they should have been on these committees to start with. And especially swalwell, who had the issue with his dating a Chinese spy, Schiff, who's had trouble with the truth or many occasions in Omar sitting on foreign affairs and having anti semitic comments, all of this while they were members of the body. Now, McCarthy has said they're not going to be able to start. This was coming. It was known. You could see this coming a mile away. And it's a continuation of really the chipping away of what we have seen. It started really by the Democrats in this idea that we can get what we want in the rules, be damned. We saw this in the January 6th committee, no matter what is being said or been said about January 6th committee, the way it was put together and Nancy Pelosi not allowing the Republicans to have who they wanted all the leader wanting on that committee. Was wrong. Plain and simple. And now it is politicized the entire committee and no matter what good they thought they were going to get from it, has been blown because it's been politicized and those on the right and those on the left have two different opinions..

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