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He's got the mid west and chris black has the west so sixty four teams four cups we'll give away teams all day today i mentioned jd also jayson stark joins us to the bottom of the hour to talk about jake your added to the fills and cubs sox will around baseball a little bit you better pray the heavens you don't get me because danny gateway to all my good teams yesterday my two of my forward left when i left here yesterday handed the cup and i pulled it out this one i have left by happen just by chance i've got the eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen thanks are you serious yeah what are you gonna do let's take some calls people wanna talk about the bears will give these guys some a team as well but let's take some bears calls the bears have been active in free agency here with a lot of money to spend going after targets in the receiving game and alan robinson and trey burton joey cappuccino is in kenosha on espn one thousand eight joey hey how's it going guys joy chep aquino yeah i put a no on the bears or you start laughing for the super bowl next year vegas they were honored to one it's jeez if it happens sean you right now well one hundred and one for a reason i like it it's one hundred bucks joey can stand to lose one hundred bucks he doesn't mind yeah just a just a cheer bears i think tips on the money with nine and seven what's the money on it.

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