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Checking the top stories we're following this hour, lawyers for former president Trump are again calling for a federal judge to appoint a so called special master to review documents seized from his Florida home by the FBI. The Justice Department says appointing a special master could harm the government's national security interests. President Biden delivers a prime time speech tonight from independence mall in Philadelphia on what he calls a battle for the soul of the nation, the speech begins at 8. You can watch it live on WTO P dot com. A nurse who worked primarily at a CVS Health MinuteClinic in Alexandria is suing CBS, citing a policy change that prevents her from opting out of prescribing abortion inducing drugs based on her religious faith. That policy changed last year and her legal team says it is against Virginia law. Stay with WTO more on these stories in just minutes. The debate over tipping versus fair wages for tipped restaurant employees is on the burner of this election day, The Washington Post reporting, a panel of three appellate judges will allow D.C.'s phased out tipped initiative on the ballot in November. The issue is not new to the city in 2018, voters passed initiative 77 that increased the minimum wage for tipped workers, but it was later repealed. The current proposal called initiative 82 would mean gradually raising the city's tipped minimum wage from $5 an hour to match the standard minimum wage, which is $16 an hour. Opponents argue the measure could discourage customers from tipping and increase costs for businesses. Coming up in money news. The Tao is down more than 280 points going out more means drinking less at home. I'm Jeff cable. Now traffic and weather on the 8s, Rita Kessler and the traffic center. So wow, it works on it's really causing quite a backup on the outer loop of the beltway Now it's gotten better than it was a little while ago, but it is still a sizable backup from old Georgetown road and off the southbound spur, handed across the American legion bridge closer to the George Washington Parkway is where the work is in the left lane. Also seeing delays along Georgetown pike between Spring Hill road and swings mill road, we may have some work there, not sure if they're alternating traffic or whether it is just or whether they're holding up traffic at any point there for the work. Now 66 westbound has a delay approaching and passing one 23. That may be some work, but there was also a broken down bus earlier in the right lane, eastbound slows in Centreville where you go from 5 lanes to four all the way toward the beltway. You'll also find en route 7 in false church near shreve road and haycock road traffic had been stopped due to some downed wires in the roadway, possibly under crew direction. At this point, if you're in Maryland, it is the bay bridge already running two way traffic on the westbound span of the bridge. Three lanes found two lanes westbound, where we do see the delay on east bound 50 is after the southern river bridge headed toward bayda drive, there may be a work crew at bay del drive. If you're on the beltway in prince George's county, all the earlier delays of ease, but southbound D.C. two 95 is very slow from eastern avenue, had to pass these capital street, northbound slows passing Pennsylvania avenue, and we do have a delay on the Baltimore Washington Parkway southbound approaching kenilworth avenue, so keep an eye out for anything there. Periton doing the camp be done for national security because their way of life depends on it, visit periton dot com for more info. I'm Rita

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