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So I want to represent from my hood if. You don't mind ahead crowd twenty one year veteran living. In silver lake we would like to thank the, Los Angeles Police Department Fire. Department and. EMT's for keeping. Our. Community is safe as possible yesterday trader Joe's. We, know that it wasn't perfect but we you know we in Silverlake salute. First responders you hit me on Facebook very quickly. You let me know how intense the situation was brutal I'd be like they shut that. Area down fast and people are terrified. It is for a area that is legendary for being kind of a weirdo bohemian hipster oddball enclave we're very tight Silverlake Johnny's always. Good to see you same thoughts soon this is Kelly show KFI AM six forty more stimulating talk now to newsroom for an update people have been found dead after a house fire was put out Lamar park to other people escaped the flames today on second avenue firefighters returning from another fire saw the smoke and quickly responded dead Aren eight year old boy in sixty seven year old woman family member, says a feud between a man and his grandmother over his girlfriend living at the grandmother's house. May have been, the trigger with led to that, shootout with, police in, the death of, a manager of. The trader Joe's and Silverlake shooters in. The hospital under police guard he's been booked for. Murder Copter trying to find the driver of a white sedan police it was racing a BMW broadsided an SUV in south LA man in the with killed around one thirty this morning in, the crash on central avenue Check out the forecast in the drive on the four zero five Six Hi I'm Ryan cook with Online Trading. Academy and with.

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