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The lakewood police department also interviewed the nimitz's neighbors friends coworkers and family members as part of their investigation the interviewed jordan marshall who's in the same army unit as schuyler and jeremiah. Hail their squad leader. What police gleaned was that schuyler had served in the army for two years and was considered a good soldier without any disciplinary issues. he thought of his generally upbeat and happy. During those two years skyler hadn't gone overseas or served any combat tour but he had been gone on a twenty eight day training deployment and adjust returned that day october. Sixteenth investigators also learned additional details about schuyler during their investigation. Some that didn't exactly fit with her. Theory of the shooting. Skyler was always safe with handling guns. He was also excited to be going home to his wife. The couple seemed stable and had no financial problems. In fact they were saving money to move out of the apartment and buy a house. According to the police report in november investigators traveled to california to interview danielle's friends from her hometown. they met with daniels. Childhood friend samantha. Mountain them background. On the couple's relationship danielle in schuyler quick relationship in marriage. After just two months troubled samantha. Danielle was moving fast. And too young. To get married samantha. Worried samantha told the investigators. She saw other things that seemed odd. The newlyweds for example. When danielle came to visit schuyler dropped her off all day and then went to see his friends. Samantha gave authorities a helpful clue. Danielle had talked to her. Best friend michaela. Using a few hours. Before her death samantha gave police michaela's contact information. Michaela confirmed she had spoken with daniel shortly before the shooting. Danielle and michaela were the kind of best friends who facetime every day and did their makeup together in the mornings on their last conversation. Together on october sixteenth schuyler smiled and waved to michaela. Nothing seemed wrong. Everything appeared normal just like any other day. Danielle had never given michaela. Any reason to believe schuyler was abusive. Michelle aside although she did say skyler broke danielle cellphone. She wasn't sure why danielle wouldn't say anything bad about schuyler. Although sometimes michaela was suspicious. She wondered if danielle was painting a false picture of a happy loving relationship. She recalled that skyler refused to let danielle go to his best friend's baby shower and he seemed to continuously change his mind danielle needing to get a job he would tell her to go get one and then once danielle started to look he would tell her that she didn't need to work. Schuyler hid guns throughout the couple's apartment under the couch behind the doors firearms. Daniel could use for her protection when he was gone. Michaela told police after referencing. Danielle's background of having lost her mother and stepfather. Michaela said all danielle ever wanted was for someone to love her and take care of her. She said danielle believed she had found her protector and companion in schuyler. There were two men in danielle social circle. Although michela insisted there were no romantic intentions. Their danielle would never cheat on schuyler and she was sure of it. The first man was danielle's boss at her new job. Michaela said he used to be an underwear model any yell. Thought he was cute. He and danielle had gone out to dinner together before another friend. Jeremy henry had gone to the same high school as danielle. He tutored her in math. And michaela said he would sometimes stay the night in the guest bedroom when schuyler was out of town. Investigators tracked down nineteen year old. Jeremy to hear it firsthand. He grew up in northern california and had known danielle for years since grade school. The dated off and on. But we're so close. They decided to just stay good friends. Jeremy call danielle his me. Jeremy had been stationed at the nearby base in washington and he said schuyler didn't like that he was still in daniel's life serving around guys he.

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