Bush Administration, United States, Hillary Clinton discussed on The Axe Files with David Axelrod


Well as as has but as were you our allies don't always agree on what we we pulled out in the bush administration of the kyoto accord you would've thought the world was indy actually it didn't the united states went on to do what the united states is going to do whether we're in the paris climate accord or not we are going to continue to lower our admissions we're going to continue particularly statebystate this is where federal is would you pull that are that i personally would not have pulled out of the agreed about the because i think it was not worth the trouble of pulling out but i will tell you that i don't think the paris accord pulling out of the paris accord woods the united states will walk away from its commitments which seems pretty david let's let's be fair the former secretary of state who helped to negotiate the tpp didn't defender than the election that tells you something about the politics of trade today and that goes back to the point that i made earlier when we're in a situation and in which you have an election and no major candidate i it whether it's the the democrat uh hillary clinton or the republican donald trump or bernie sanders there i figured i was stake well yeah i do too but i'm just saying this is not i i agree with what you're saying yeah i think that there's been a neglect of the impacts of globalization and until you deal with that you're going to have this kind of reactionary to it that said there are consequences to pulling out of that agreement what are going to be long as long standing eighty but when people say china is now going to take up the mantle of global leadership on fill in the blink free trade i say to them with the nationalist economic policies chinese half where their markets are still closed in large segments where if you talk to american ceos this days uh they favour their national champion sue.

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