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And this thing it like I like how they use the some like catchy up where you were in the movie. It was the story of how in. Yes, yeah, I liked that. I knew when it said Davy Crockett, king, the wealth frontiers like this is the last section of the movie name of the movie rare here at the end. Sedating. He's a good character. Yeah, like him along great character development. You're like. So he kind of seems like a reckless fighter a little bit in the beginning of the rules, right? He's like, oh, I like the one part where he looks at George and he's like, I guess we're gonna have to start disobeying orders again. Because he didn't get his way when he was talking to the general. But he, I think that he's just a very likable character. He can't not like him. He doesn't do anything bad and into be honest. So I had never seen this movie, but I did know that he interacted with Indians and I immediately assumed it was going to be bad. I did too, but watching the movie, I was like, oh my God, he's an advocate for them. Like, how cool is that? So then he turned into this like really cool, progressive character that I liked, and I was like, oh my gosh, she's going against everything in congress basically. And then they try and keep him out. That was crazy. They send him on this tour to try and keep him out of congress that he can't try and talk people out of voting for this Indian removal Bill..

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