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The Charlie Kirk show we sit down with the one the only the amazing Kellyanne Conway from turning turning-point U._S._A.'s Young Women's leadership summit. You're GonNa hear about her exclusive insight into the trump presidency her plans for the future and how she is able to continue to implement the make America great again agenda every single all day. Please give us at five star rating hit subscribe leave US review. We are surging in the charts. Thanks to you. You're reviews help so much. Let's not let the left dominate the podcast space the more reviews we get the more comments you leave the more were able to succeed. This is Charlie Kirk host of the Charlie Kirk show if you believe that you're not being snooped on or that. Nobody cares about your online data. I'm like I'm just started. Disappoint you right now but you're wrong. This is why you need to protect protect yourself against government hacks no matter what is happening. You need to protect your phone. Protect your data protector tablet you name it with Guess What Express V._P._N.. What is it V._P._N.? A V._P._N.. Is Basically a shield that protects your phone protects. Does your tablet protects you from bad actors bad actors criminals foreign governments that might want the stuff in your computer right now. You should use express V._p._N.. It's the fastest V._p._N.. Advertising I've tried a lot of I use express V._p._N.. Right now as I'm recording this I'm looking at my express V._p._n.. checkmark on my computer I know right now that no foreign government is able to look at my stuff and I'm able to actually record this with a lot more certainty. That's why I use express V._p._N...

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