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Eighteen in discussions to combine warnermedia with discovery. That's according to people familiar with the matter. Discovery owns channels including the food network. While warner owns channels including cnn and hbo. The deal could be a u-turn turn on. At and t.'s. Bet on the media industry when it bought the warner properties in two thousand eighteen. at and t.'s. Talks with discovery which likely value warnermedia at well over fifty billion dollars including debt could lead to an agreement today for the talks could still fall apart. Said people familiar with the matter. Were exclusively reporting. Microsoft directors decided that co founder. Bill gates step down from the company's board last year the decision came as board members are investigating a pass romantic relationship between gates and a female microsoft employees that was deemed inappropriate a microsoft spokesman aboard committee which was aided by an outside law firm looked into a concern raised by an employee. Twenty nineteen gate stepped down in march. Twenty twenty before the investigation was completed. According to a person familiar with the matter. A spokeswoman for gateshead. There was an affair that ended amicably almost twenty years ago and the matter was unrelated to his decision to resign. The cdc has clarified. Its guidelines for wearing masks after many expressed confusion when the agency announced updated guidance last week. Cdc director was show. Will linski said mass will still be required in some circumstances and unvaccinated. People should continue to wear them last. Thursday the cdc advised and vaccinated people. Don't need to wear masks outdoors or indoors. Except in specific circumstances state health officials had criticized the guidance saying they would be difficult to implement and could undermine statewide mask. Mandates palestinian officials say at least forty. Two people were killed in an israeli airstrike on an apartment complex in gaza sunday marking the deadly stave. The week long conflict between the israeli military hamas militants. Israel said the strike was part of a massive operation against the tunnels used by gaza militants which caused the apartments above to collapse. Israeli prime minister. Benjamin netanyahu ruled out an immediate ceasefire defying international demands for de-escalation and mediation efforts by other countries. Here's the journalist. Jared malsin israeli prime minister benjamin. Netanyahu said this over the weekend that the operation is going to continue for now. He didn't even on how long it's going to take just said they're going to fight until security is restored right now. There's no indication that a ceasefire is coming. The violence continued this morning with more airstrikes carried out by the israeli armed forces in gaza. However there is an american a senior state department official had the ahmaud who is in the region and speaking with israeli and palestinian leaders as we speak in an effort to achieve a de-escalation in gaza more than one hundred ninety eight people have been killed since last week. According to the palestinian health ministry in israel eleven people have been killed according to its emergency response service and military. Bitcoin fell in the wake of a tweet. by tesla. ceo elon. Musk which prompted speculation that the electric vehicle maker had sold or would sell its holdings of the crypto currency. Must leader tweeted. That tesla hadn't sold any bitcoin in china. The pace of economic activity slowed last month. Complicating the country's recovery from the depths of the pandemic official data showed consumer spending remains soft with retail sales falling short of expectations in the us company's stock buybacks and dividends have been roaring back this year. Let's take a look at what's behind the strive to return capital to shareholders with wsj. Market senator quentin web in hong kong. Good morning quinton. good morning. So quinton what spurred this sharp rise in returning cash to investors well. It's effectively a statement of corporate confidence last year. When things were extremely uncertain it was rational for companies to hoard cash and in fact cash balances rose to something like one point nine trillion dollars and now that the economy is clawing. Its way back to normalcy. It is perhaps rational to return some of that to shell is beat out three dividends and be that through share buybacks. And what are some possible drawbacks to these big share repurchases both for companies and for investors. While i would say there are several potential drawbacks. one is that for companies engaging in buybacks one key question of course should be. Are you buying back stock at a good level or are you buying back overprice stock. I is there. Is there some better use of proceeds out there. Could that money be better reinvested into your own business a second consideration. This one shell is whether you know. Sometimes the criticism is that buybacks allow executives to make it easier to hit their compensation targets for example by reducing the of shares outstanding. And thus making it easier to hit earnings per share targets. So i think childish should be on watch for instances of that and a third question perhaps is a political one. Which is that in the past. Sometimes huge amounts of buybacks have proven politically controversial. There is a sense. Sometimes that that money would be better. Reinvest into growing businesses and these huge amounts of buybacks potentially add some fresh flame to that controversy clinton web in hong kong. Thanks for joining us. Thanks very much coming up after the break. We look at the prospects for president. Biden's plan to make tuition free at community colleges..

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