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I think that this is his last ditch attempt to somehow survive but he's becoming increasingly detached from reality it was really his last chance to leave with any crumb of dignity it was his sort of soft landing opportunity and he's walked away from that so so now today the ruling party is ruling party zanu pf is meeting and the plan is i think that tomorrow they will start impeachment proceedings in zimbabwe in zimbabwe's parliament so even mugabe's own party after all of these years of rule is he is ready to to cut him lewis were it it absolutely because what you're seeing here and it's it's just as well to remind oneself that this isn't a kind of people's revolution that's playing out we have these wonderful jubilant scenes in in a harari in particular in zimbabwe on saturday with enormous crowds marching that at dreux but really what we're seeing in in in high politics is is musical chairs among the leadership of the ruling party zanu pf which is the only party that's ever ruled zimbabwe for nearly forty years so yes what we're seeing is is is a kind of you know mugabe's wife made a play premature play as it turned out for the leadership herself she saw herself as some kind of evita peron noise imelda marcos who madam now and it and it didn't work she didn't have the support of the army and so her main rival emmerson mnangagwa who had recently been fired as vice president by mcgarvy is the putative at the throne peter musical chairs at the top and high politics as you mentioned but zimbabwe is a country with extraordinarily high unemployment a struggling economy very high illiteracy are there any opportunities in a change of power here in a post mugabe's zimbabwe or any of these players that you're talking about going to bring a little bit of relief to the struggling nation yes i think there's always there's always opportunity when you see a change in regime at what change leadership of.

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