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Is that first episode of media west. What's been we'll see one. Yeah what's been and what happened with the wisman. They meet the woods man. He's out man. Children jerko to the awards light. Keep the turn. Let kids played by christopher. Lloyd as you can tell by the impersonation warrants him of the beast and immediately sets up all the arts ability sets up all the spooky parts of the show. I feel like the show is. I was surprised. Balance of spooky. I like why. I it's good fall. Show it takes place around halloween. You find out later and it's just like it's got creepy vibes without ever feeling too scary shirt and then the woodsmen immediately feels different than our main characters. It feels it almost. Feels out of place honestly. The first time. I thought i was like the way. He's talking the ways acting and he's like oh i just like who are you. What's happening. Calmed down but immediately. You can tell that i feel like the woodsmen does a good job of setting up that there's more Is more to the world. He mentions the unknown the beast. What's happening and you know you get a little bit of that. And then what do they do. Run away from him and then they just meet him again. Basically as a wolf comes in. It's the wolf episode. It's still like a wolf comes in and they end up fighting with the wolf. A little bit were ends up knocking out the woodsmen after. They've established that he's friendly and fired. Because because wirt is brexit. Greg knocked them out because there was a plant. Yes oh my god. We're told greg as he was like bringing them in. Hey our plan is going to be to knock him out and then he says okay but then there wasn't like does nice things where it's like. I don't know it seems nice. You know the wolf comes in and they're like oh and then greg knocks out. The was which was great. It was good comedy. I love it a lot. Greg's line you have beautiful eyes to like. I like to lie. Greg greg is greg great almost feels like listen. I i don't wanna like over indulge myself at all or feel important. But i feel like greg in word or so like like it an ego. You know what i mean like. There's like there's like what we all are words like all our worry. All earnings and greg is like like the inside of our like it like just trying to like candy. my pants. yeah. I feel like the two of them together is super interesting but we are. Because we're like shits on greg. Yeah i mean. I feel like their relationship is kind of one that needs to grow. I think they both have growing to do personally. And then also a kind of like a little like. Oh you're an annoying. Little brother to him and i think that there may be some maybe jealousy or resentment there too because he is able to say and do the things that were is too afraid of jerk. Yeah you know. And then they it's classic chi-ching swear they get the wolf into a into the wheels of the mill to destroy the wolf and you find out it's a dog with a black turtle inside of his belly which is never explained not once not and the whole mill is destroyed. So it kind of seems. Like maybe the men's fucked. Now now is lance gonna turn out and he was like. Oh but we took care of the laws. And i didn't like that moment..

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