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Still shut down for public works operation your tech support to all fifty five more dropped points more often Tom trait can exit seventy music you like today you're gonna like tomorrow temperaturewise how's the weekend shaping up weather wise let's find out now check it live with CBS to meteorologist Alex Kristin hi Alex hi good afternoon yeah feeling some changes heading into this weekend but for today Hey very comfortable we're talking lower seventies along the coast seventy one for alley in Orange County metro upper seventies to lower eighty is for the valleys in the Inland Empire upper seventies for the high desert and around sixty degrees up in the mountain community so by Saturday a trough forming over the west coast is going to bring us cooler temperatures upper fifties to lower sixties expected could see some light rain Saturday night into Sunday morning looks like it'll all be under a tenth of an inch though tracking more significant storm heading into the start of next week that'll start Monday this is tapping into subtropical moisture so atmospheric river set up we're talking about the potential for heavy rain Monday into Tuesday continuing Wednesday potentially in the end of next week as well was up in California's most accurate and dependable forecast I'm CBS choose Alex distant for can extend seventy newsradio right Alex thank you twelve forty seven on KNX officials at NASA have finally revealed the name of the new Mars rover that will join curiosity on the red planet off this mission is Virginia middle school student Alex may either came up with the name perseverance he was one of more than twenty thousand students across the nation who took part in the naming contest perseverance by the way is set to launch this summer an investigative report by the ACLU shows to tens of millions of dollars in school funds are being illegally diverted from the kids who need the U. the use of them to school police instead ACLU attorneys dug deeper and found that fifty six school districts across Sampoerna Dino LA and riverside counties move money illegally away from say low income and foster students to security measures in school police Victor Lee young of.

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