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Deep on the deployment of jason dickinson on the vancouver. Can we haven't even seen him on the ice yet. But that's where we are in all of this i arm. You expect that he will be one of their primary penalty killers. Jay beagle out beagle and maat were a tandem that performed reasonably well you see dickinson sort of sliding in and just replacing all jay beagle brought in that element of the game. Yeah and especially if You know i suspect. They'll obviously turn to brandon sutter as their primary kind of pk. Centerman beyond that. You're right because you look at your other of center options and you know i. I wouldn't want to be putting pederson in that situation in that spot. Hor vat really think the peak as his niece. So really i mean dickinson kind of makes senses as the next next option there and he's obviously a lot of experience doing it He averaged last couple seasons. I think he's been around the two minutes a game rain in terms of. Pk is time. So i think it makes sense as a natural kind of second penalty killing option behind Behind sutter in from everything. That i've seen there's been nothing in this kind of profile that suggests he doesn't poor job of it so i think he's a pretty natural fit there. I saw some of these Unique top nine concoctions harm but the ones that leave. Jt miller at center and some push dickinson to the wing. Is that just crazy. Town is a case for that. What are your thoughts. I'm personally not a fan of it. I'd like to just see them. Stick miller at wing because again you know when when i kind of watched him in that. Watch the tape of center. I just thought he could play center well. But he's just that much better based on a strengths along the walls the only case for it would be if you believe in the idea of a more balanced top nine and trying to spread more talent around your lineup But when i look at this connects team though the way. They're going to have to win hockey games the competitive advantage that they're going to have to lean on maui. Opinion is going to have to be the top six because it's not going to be their back end with the with the way the right side is constructed and now obviously goaltending..

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