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Just stampede We had 12 injured Notes fatalities are repeat notes fatalities Ten suffered gunshot wounds Three suspects are in custody officials are still securing the crime scene The shooting happened around two 30 Saturday afternoon at the mall about ten miles from Columbia Police believe the shooting was not random and the suspects likely knew each other A wildfire in southern New Mexico has killed two people authorities say as of Saturday night but McBride fire was 56% contained after destroying over 6000 acres near the white sands missile range The fire killed two people in their home in the town of rodo the high refine risk will continue Sunday in central New Mexico because of dry breezy conditions Ukraine's president zelensky says if a strategic port city of mariupol falls to Russian forces there will be no peace talks with Moscow He made his comments as the Russian onslaught of Mario pole continues Meanwhile Russian air raids and missile strikes at Ukraine's capital city of Kyiv and other major targets following the sinking of a Russian warship in the Black Sea The White House Easter egg roll returns Monday morning Michael kassner reports The annual event was on a two year hiatus due to the COVID pandemic President First Lady Jill Biden will welcome thousands of children and their families including military families The tradition of The White House Easter egg wrote dates back to 1878 I'm Michael kassner North Korea says it successfully test fired a new tactical guided weapon aimed at boosting the country's nuclear capabilities Korean central news agency says North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was there for the test firing gave important instructions on building nuclear combat forces of the country Brad Siegel NBC News radio This.

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