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The two or three things in play there. We use Whether you you put your economist but I think there is a consensus. We can have a short sharp recession among some and a longer session mixed others but the one thing we certain about his people's one it's will be bruised As a result of this in terms of the ticket PAG public sponsors certainly up looking very carefully at that balance sheets Them Marketing Budget is one of the first things to attack trim and then of course broadcast that looking at the budgets for the remainder of the year and how they can seize oblique screen that amount to content in that period of time. So we're looking at a lot of events in a very narrow window and competing for much more constrained dollar And that's going to be a challenge. Even fool everybody else's being talking about this we're expecting sector this sector to be pretty badly impacted in terms of supply Everybody's hurting from not having the way expected that's for sure we're okay but we don't have any way expected And there are other agencies in that ecosystem hospitals Marketing will production logistics Sorry to say but an ready pains to say but it's true that they make the and we may not be looking at the same supply chain comes Type to the ability to organize and hosts events we think will be challenged because we hope it will be very very limited but the be companies coming back in September October. Able to deliver so all of that kind of Constantine is into a bit of a challenge that sort of Consolidation potentially is going to be across rights event host Bruce Circles Agency sector supply. Here that that is a is a real Wise so the new reality. I guess I'm just want my question if we were if this was a logical world and export was logical in there would be a body a- G. Twenty something that oversees this and puts everything into its into neat packages. Is that supposed to questions? Is there anybody that can do that on? Is it likely that that body will evolve or peer of the next year Well there is a body that coordinates we. We did a piece last waken and I think we were asking. Is it time for some sort of Supra body which not super low good as well but super sits above sports? And of course you've got the likes of the IRC who do sit across a number of sports in the Olympic context but of course you know if football or basketball or included in that is he's not responsible for speaking for the MBA and for for UEFA so icy aside and they do speak for number sports that note there there is no supra sports body which is coordinating across the sports And that I think has become quite painfully apparent In the course of the last four to eight weeks and it's not surprising. Not It's not a criticism. I think I suppose been evolving over decades in terms of that. You're finding that it librium in the yearly calendar around seasonality but also just finding times when major events onto have lapping so he famously of course always had the alden even year distinction which is a very good way of the Olympic Games missing other major championships are the Reputable Cup final But an within within the she you tend to find whenever way working with major rightsholders. I'm looking you events you're asking. That question will win. Should we be who we colliding with that week? And that has taken decades to find that sort of equilibrium and suddenly you have left of NAFTA field on comes covet and suddenly disrupt all of that. Equilibrium throws everything up in the air all at once and everybody rushes to try and find an alternative date for their events but they do that all at once in the same month no one is coordinating so you ever industries have that so yeah yeah I think whether you're talking a national level Darris IT in context of one would the blissfully we haven't had too much. Recently Brexit at European level Certainly significant amounts coordination by the European Union across industries but also retail console him their international trade bodies working within hospitality will travel and tourism. Who Look you know. Working with independent bodies working with quasi government bodies and those bodies those those Entities working on their own accounts as well but they are coordinating so there. There is a common voice and they are at least coming together and thinking together. I think because that really is not happening With within sports so to our knowledge. No-one you know very senior level in Formula One talking with the NBA will the NFL speaking to an ATP or WC or the in that grouping and we think there's a space for that we're having some conversations about how we might find very informal grouping that It kinda light. Your sort of two British National Government level we have Cobra will say each who come together regularly just to spend short period of time pulling all of the stakeholders together and just making sure that there is you know a good degree of coordination. I think that's really what's required and we are having those conversations infomally with clients a refund US sales in positioning into lock in that That shot that we think there's a role for a smaller group of very senior stakeholders covering as many of those big private rights holders in some some of the larger initial federations just to make sure the degree of coordination to avoid this car crash of Canada in September October. But we have fifty to sixty percent undisturbed at sports events. Fifty sixty percent. Mole the normal. That's assuming Goes AHEAD ON PUBLIC HEALTH? Expo virologists so no idea whether we will indeed be back in a position where we can have uni- at ten. But we hope radio pray but we We do but Yeah we do think that is lacking and you say this decent coordination within some sports individual sports as you'd expect so UEFA with the National Heff as the conclusion of the League and European football and in the The Euro Twenty Twenty nine twenty one that that looks be functioning pretty well Tennis after say less so I mean you look at Roland. Garros unilaterally moving because they had to a nate nasties that is going on with it and rescheduled their September. But it's not just me saying it. You read the players saying that. This fed degree of dysfunction in the in the level of organization between so many powerful buddies. Atp W. A. T. F. L. T. A. A. T. C. so it's Kinda reveals whether isn't that coordination even it within a sport amongst its key stakeholders and I think. Federal is out this week. Tweeting TO SAVE TIME. We had that discussion about merging. Atp and and other players. I mean talking about just the function of the League and the fact that so many redundant endorsements very exposed own income within have prize money because they need to play to one and you just don't repeating themselves as as well organized patches they should be and as I said we just think above the sports. There is no coordination what let's turn the conversation pointed towards your other clients on the city host side because they're that's the sort of constituency that. I always think that is underrepresented in terms of the compensation. There's a sort of blithe assumption. Okay the city hosted in in May but it will. In September it will in whatever date the rights holder decides but as we know from any experience in our local that is not always the case in the cities are going to be under enormous pressure. No the in the Euro Twenty twenty or twenty twenty one point football tornado. Obviously the Panini plan was to spread it far and wide And some of those cities. I think we can do that next year. We were in for this year not next year. I'm sure there'd be lots of other examples but just give us a picture of the view of big sport from that side of the table because it's it's one is quite often Not really thought about me. Yeah no I think you're right. It's the they We we take a possibly slightly country view to the importance of host cities again in this ecosystem we everyone. I think focuses and rightly the very very big investors in his Abreu Kosten sponsors And then gate but to your point Richard. I haven't heard too many people in the last few weeks. When took about sports events rescehduling in order to hold onto the Revenues and then we start talking about Gaetan ticket. I haven't been too many people talking about the investment from cities and actually they should be because cities we think probably the biggest investors in sport whether you're talking about the capital investment programs around major sports facilities which will rank in the billions around the big setpiece night before a couple of the Olympic Games Or increasingly in terms of Hosting fees which are becoming the norm and rightly because sport contributes directly into the economies of those cities region hosting them with visitation and spending to that so. I think specific probably if they would if you were to pull them and would have it. We just have and will be releasing a little bit of research in the course of the next few weeks that relationship between city host. That you'd probably find a little bit taken for granted Because they are such incredibly large investors in school so when we have an argument which we've seen breakout into the open between the Japan it's Because of the political sensitivity around who picks up the bill and the reality is both sides. Picking up Very substantial costs in relation to the rescheduling the event I would say given the size of the Japanese economy that cost probably are insignificant against the how many trillion turnovers GDP As as the He's cost but that that is a very sensitive issue An going back to the publish number of about twelve and a half billion invested by the Japanese in the Olympic Games and you know by some estimates probably twice that we've found that previous in big games that the the real investment is probably quite substantially more than the published. But when you stop impose In you just look at twelve and a half billion published invested in sports event. I mean who else does that? No one else invest. That's a level and this the same by winning gains within the big set piece on the fee for anyway prevents billions and billions of pounds investment team. Imagine spoke and it's it's seems to us that's actually fan. Proportion government knows that because the benefits takes from hosting Even before you look social public health benefits of the social events Stimulating more physical activity in in the public. Health benefits fled from that. So we think the investments fair. It's just not recognized. And is there a specific question in terms of whether or not the rights holders what the return how the return on investment for from the city side is looked at because all of us? My Suction is always. Oh it's an economic equation of some sort and the and as we're seeing now that's real you know you when when it stops we certainly noticed that economic benefit goes away quite quickly. But that's that's the the sort of front and center of it. Is there anything else other other objectives on the city side changing or are they more nuance than just? K- we get is a tourism dollar that which AC? Yep Absolutely. I think it's it's changed over the years as it has with every other investments Probably Bob cost to is always got the economics of it. And you know famously. We always talked about sponsorship in the early days being driven by the ELSA chairman because it was man now a women's win In the early days of sports it was about National Prestige Perhaps only that about the in terms of the justification in the motivation housing major events. It was a big festival celebration. Sports there was no question what the benefit was. And we've seen that mole forever. Twenty thirty isn't almost every government we would with recognizing or at least needing to just find the investment. I almost from economic impact..

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