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I think he could be awesome for a team problem. What is that. what is that. Ideal further margaret. It's a team with spacing. Like the warriors like i'd rather have a in the wagons. I know wiggins can shoot the three. But i'd rather have much right and so you put him in a team of spacing. The problem is similar to bam. They're not good enough to build the entire thing around them so he only fits in a couple places but if he fits in the right spot. I think you could be awesome for them. So once again the lakers probably does not fit but he would be a for them absolutely. So he's been one of the most consistent scorers like he's one of those. It's not sexy but very very and that's what he jams on people's heads. It's pretty sexy. I really like him. I really like that player. So i'm interested to see where he ends up. And then i'm interested to see how the cards fall at midnight tonight. Monday or tuesday at twelve. Oh one am the sixers. Rosser the way you wanted to look. Well look like what do you think no fucking idea what he wanted to theirs. And so i know we don't know but give me your idea there isn't there isn't like a player out there that i've been like kyle. Lowry seems pipedream. At this point soon be he's going to miami. Did wake up to a report. That zach levine. Would want in his next contract with the bulls. He's extension eligible eligible. He wants respect where. Let's call a spade a spade. Zach levin wants to attract and let's say that lonzo goes to the bulls for something along the lines of four to eighty million. They've got younger guys in koby white they're going to have to pay. Like zach levine and lonzo and these young guys good to be your core or maybe do you really wanna start over and like now like make lonzo the the starting guy and built around him with these young guys. I just don't think that the bulls like it's in their best interest to offer. Zach levine amac's contract. now would i. Like zach levine. On the sixers. For sure i don't know what a trade pass sign and trade package for him. Looks like but that's something Interesting thing for me would be being swapped with tobias typing typing it out really hurt. My soul like if tobias goes i'll literally wrote ride for him where he can wear a knicks jersey. Jack and i'll be right there right there with you in the garden..

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