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Yeah, that's a good point. Mitchell Trubisky also in bears camp has been inconsistent. So for not encouraging not occurred. And apparently he was the same during mini camp, but the bears beat reporters couldn't say as much Andy Reid expect Spencer ware will be ready for camp. He was there today got an encouraging prognosis. They're gonna take very slow with him though. Lamar Jackson way ahead of the curve according to morning Marty morning, but also said Joe flacco much more mobile mobile, Joe flacco what everybody is looking forward to seeing. I think you know, Joe flacco has to look at the Alex myth blueprint. And say, this has to be a career season for me because I know I'm not going to be in Baltimore or my respect seem the following season. Alex Smith went out, put up career, best numbers. And so those guys feel like similar type of quarterbacks, not clearly the same players, same pedigree, but they are better than I think their perception. They're better as players than the perception of them is as talents, but they never have the consistent success that you like to see from what you would consider to be franchise? Only difference. I would say if they're moving to a system where being Morell would help a quarterback, Alex Smith is always had that, oh, no, I'm not saying they're not the same type. I probably just butchered explanation, but in any event, the bottom line is Joe flacco needs to try and do what else myth did. And no, he's gonna be replaced, go out and play his bath and do it every possibly can't happen. Might close expects devante Booker to start week one for the Broncos. Do we believe it. He could take the first Gary Bob Condado expects Chris Carson to open training camp as the lead Beck. See this one's more interesting because the Seahawks made a pretty heavy investment in Reshad. Penny the Broncos. Not that you're throwing away third round pick, right, but you know, I, it's take the best player on the board at a position of need. That's what they did with the freemen. Well, I think the phrasing is key here to one of them said week. One more them said to open camp. Yeah, those are different things. And that's, you know, Pete Carroll's mantras competition for everybody except when it comes with quarterback, which would make sense, right. We sh- means the penny shows up at training camp. It stinks and Carson's. Good. It's gonna be. Carson writes, he, Dave, you're holding your laptop. I can't find the actual photo, but I found this photo of blisters on toes. Just imagine those blisters pop, and you see like raw skin that was completely useless. And as medium day well-done, Jermaine Gresham is on the pup Ricky seals Jones. Don't get suspended. Yeah, I'm excited. I mean, he's one of my favorites tight ends. One of my favorites present any position just again, like you said, don't get offended. Anthony Miller, Dave sent me a message about Anthony Miller, and you're really excited. I'm excited because the bears coaches are excited and they're lining up all over the place and apparently. He he is showing out in training camp. So while Bisky might be a little inconsistent and header messes, inconsistent would suggest Anthony, Miller's is doing some good things for the bears. I got a theory. I like their, he's go ahead, Mitchell Smith. He's been very inconsistent. Like some of these on Apollo over the place. They don't know where he's throwing the ball, but Anthony Miller is making all these great place. Remember when you're the back car, backyard playing catch and you'd say, make me die for one. Maybe it's what Anthony Miller is saying in the huddle too risky, so he can make fun plays on the field. Maybe he has been diving. That's been part of the deal. He dove for deep ball, caught a touchdown over his shoulder. He's he's making some big plays out there. It feels like he's got a lot of work to do to earn every down work in Chicago. Yeah, I don't. I don't. I didn't really go into camp thinking that was much of a possibility for him. But if he does, if he keeps making plays the bearskin roll out in three receiver sets and he'll be out there, it sounds like..

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