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Cars. Later. Under later under. Oh, Stays bad injury look like from a distance man stays that injury look like from a distance one day sooner. They video be a new cover one day two days later. Undercover. Days later. Be undercover. Everyone Day Zoonie later me undercover. Please. Next batter like from a distance still at it. From a distance. Go on. Come on. It's gonna take up all right? Watch it again. What you can do if you give us some of John's, too. I love to watch again. John Fires started Yeah. It's got to go. What is it? Don't wait. Gotta watch you can't give up. There's no end to what you can do Your dance do challenge started. The man. Thank you. Went away. No. Mm. Yeah. Love. Back up on done. No. You can't Hi. How are you? Okay, so Yes, well this year Well, the corner when you know Oh, God. Fine. It was coming. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm calling. Come on, E have heaven let him get killed. Really? You have a baby for getting the reason that I did it the hard way. Don't Yeah, Yeah. Creeping out there on the dance floor. E wanted to put their hands together like that. Come on. Yeah, that's when you get ready. You just move your left leg. That's it. Let's go with you. Mm hmm. Everything being right? Hey, Rach, Come on. You got around a bit on the back of the station. Yeah. Hmm. Well, feels like we're just getting started. But of course, we've got to go wrapping up metropolis for another week of Jason gently. It is my pleasure as always 8 to 10 in the mix. Finishing up with this track from Lebedev, producer from Russia. This track keep on ahead of this disclosure with Quinn McRae and funky sensation Local natives getting a classic remix of Dark Days, Keys and crates with summer's end shot day and pool Sides remix of Women are going to make a living began that set with Lalla Lalla and baths and I.

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