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Legs in life if you live Shaver lake spray Lysol with the bottle on the ground all right yeah the league Andrew Cuomo yeah you thought this was a hot day well yes reporter was asking the governor to weigh in on the brewing mental health crisis as a result of a prolonged shutdown people out of work all this this exchange was wild and I'm surprised that this is this hasn't been bigger okay their point is can't be worse than the illness itself this is what is worse than death somebody commits suicide because they can't the illnesses may be my death as opposed to your death what once I give you a a if you commit suicide that's on you I mean dang man I mean that's that's those are his words to me were out here talking about did trump tell people who inhale Lysol this guy's basically saying suicide your problem well okay and to a degree okay you could make that argument I wouldn't do it but I could hear someone doing it but when he says this is no it's not no it's not it is for some people you know you look at all the numbers what would be in LA county zero point five percent actually great catch because you're absolutely right yeah that's that's overly hyping it more on that and.

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