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We'll keep alzheimer's away and you know. Keep your age lost in practical reasons. Why you wanna read every day. But i think the real reason you need to keep your your brain. Elastic isn't just the things we've talked about. It's also because you feel much more alive and connected and you're much less likely to be easily manipulated. That's you're much less likely to fall. Prey to all these fear mongers that are everywhere in the world right. Now you're going to be able to always have because you have a different perspective. You'll have a much broader outlook and be less susceptible to you. Know tiny thinking well by classic. The reason you went to college in you. And i are fifty. So maybe it isn't this reason anymore. But i remember very distinctly that you know the reason we are told you go to college when we were kids and a lot of you guys are basically same age us is because it's going to help you to think more dynamically about more topics when we were in college. That definitely was true. Depending on what path pursued. I'm not sure if that's true anymore. You know they're now. Yeah but fortunately you have a lot more ways to educate yourself whether you're in college are now because back in our day pluto was still planet and you know we didn't have the internet give way to send the mls wasn't online but you can. You can find all these resources. Now that's that's mostly good. Sometimes bad be back in hard day when pluto is a planet. You're going to have people right near googling it right now. No well i know. But they're going to. They're going to basically go after now because they still believe pluto is a planet thing. You're going to get a hash preservation cash tag. it's a julie harris that doesn't believe pluto. The planet not. Tim harris he get your opinion on flat earth. That's for next sunday next so the challenge is on for new information for next sunday..

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