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For my favorite coughing. Favorite coffee. Starbucks. You get into corn in Miami. I love that. What it call to kill me? You know, what I like about? You know, my favorite coffee is gas station coffee. I like, oh my gosh. Yes. Station Cuffy ever in Miami. And you see a copy stand you need to take a shot at Ed Expresso. Expressive guy. But I'll try it. If you say, it's good Cuban coffee. I like Cuban food. I like Yuban sandwiches. All right. Can't you and I are are much closer than you think. We might be. I've I I agree with a lot of what you had to say. I appreciate your waiting to. Appreciate the call eight five five two nine five sixty six hundred. Here's. We have time for. Yeah. We got time for Gordon. No. We don't have time. Yes. We have time for Gordon gecko. This is Gordon gecko from the great movie Wall Street. Three for lack of a better word is good. Greed is right greed works Greek clarifies cuts through and captures. S of the evolutionary spirit greed in all of its we for life money for love. Knowledge has marked upward search of mankind and green? You Mark my words will not only.

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