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Wanna bring our sugars down the easiest way to do that is to start assessing your diet saarc out all the things that lead into those sugars and then of course replacing them with some of the things that are healthy now listen to this okay i don't normally share stuff that's direct that i could say okay here sort of my high blood pressure diet but i want you to understand that nitric oxide is a molecule that your body can produce to increase the blood flow to a vessel it relaxes vessels nitric oxide does and again this is one more thing that most people never gotten checks or assessed is the level of nitric oxide within your body now if you can elevate your nitric oxide what happens is your vessel start to a they get bigger and if you know anything about fluid dynamics if i dial late a vessel i can decrease the pressure within side of that vessel so of course if i'm trying to decrease my blood pressure nitric oxide would be something to evaluate and again the classic pace i work with when i say um if you ever heard of nitric oxide of your been tested to see what your levels are most of them are like i know i no clue again i was just told my numbers hi i'm supposed to take this pill nitric oxide is naturally produced in your body but what we're learning is that the more inflamed you are the more acidic you are the harder it is for your body to produce at nitric oxide so if you were to start consuming certain foods that are high in nitric oxide naturally than your body would take it and actually turn it into more of the nitric oxide that is in the blood vessels to allow for the dalai should take place and you're gonna love these foods because not only do they taste great eight.

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